Man Dyes Hair Only to Find His Head Becoming Bigger Instead


Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 3:59 pm

Hair dying is not always suitable for everyone. A Korean man recently left a hair salon after dying his hair, only to have got more than he asked for. His scalp ballooned after the hair treatment and it only got worse the next day – to the point that there were even stains on his pillowcase.

By then, his face had swelled so badly that he even had trouble opening his eyes. The brave man documented the whole hair dye allergy with pictures and also how his face returned to normal after receiving medical treatment.

Warning: The below images contain graphic content not suitable for the young and weak. 

hairdyeallergy_5 hairdyeallergy_6 hairdyeallergy_7 hairdyeallergy_11 hairdyeallergy_13 hairdyeallergy_17 hairdyeallergy_19 hairdyeallergy_20 Our word of advice? Other than choosing the right hair salon, it is important that you do a ‘patch test’ on your skin before dying your hair to see if you are allergic.

Simply dab a small amount of dye solution to the skin behind your ear or on your inner elbow and leaving it to dry and if your skin gets irritated during the test, you’ll know that the dye not suitable for you.

Else, you can also head to veterans in the hair coloring industry that will advise you on the dyes that are best suited for your skin. 

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