Man Allegedly Flashed at Woman in West Coast Park in Broad Daylight


Man Flashed Woman and Bolted Once Her Husband Showed Up

Parks in Singapore are supposed to be places to relax and unwind from the rat race we call life.

And when you visit West Coast Park in particular, you would maybe grab a vanilla cone from the iconic MacDonald’s or take a swing at the massive playground.

The last thing you would expect is for someone to expose themselves to you.

Unfortunately for this woman, that is exactly what happened.

Woman’s Husband Hunted Him Down

A video surfaced on TikTok on 7 September 2023, as user Fiziepj detailed how his wife was flashed at West Coast Park while waiting for him.


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After the man flashed his wife, she decided to take a video of him – plausibly to use for future police reports, but the man covered his face and slunk away.

Image: TikTok (fiziepj)

After his wife presumably told the TikTok user what happened after he picked her up, they spotted the man dressed in all black as they drove down the street.

The woman can be heard yelling, “That’s him! Here!” in Bahasa.

User Fiziepj then honked at the man and promptly exited the car to confront him.

However, the man immediately took off running as he saw someone leaving the vehicle.

Image: TikTok (fiziepj)

The flasher could be seen in the next frame bolting away like his life depended on it.

Image: TikTok (fiziepj)

Understandably enraged, the TikTok user decided to track him down and really gave Liam Neeson’s character in Taken a run for his money because he eventually found him walking through the park.

As he approached the man, panting after the long chase, he questioned him about what he was doing “just now.”

When met with fervent denial, he stated firmly that his wife held video evidence.


The man in question kept waving the TikTok user away, but Fiziepj relentlessly followed him for quite a while, telling him that he had already called the police.

He even questioned the man, “Why you scared ah? Wah, you open your pants and show your things ah?”

Image: TikTok (fiziepj)

At the end of the clip, the man makes another run for it as the TikTok user yells, “Why you run?”

Image: TikTok (fiziepj)

People Commended The TikTok User for His Persistence in Protecting His Wife

The TikTok video has since gotten over 217K views, with many people commending the user for his determination to catch the alleged flasher.

Image: TikTok (fiziepj)
Image: TikTok (fiziepj)

Many were also quick to say that the man’s response to the user’s questioning also pointed to the fact that he probably did something wrong.

Image: TikTok (fiziepj)

Sexual Exposure Offences in Singapore

Needless to say, if the man in question is caught and prosecuted, he will be facing serious consequences for his actions.

In Singapore, Section 377BF of the Singapore Penal Code prosecutes the “act of exposing one’s genitals to another person, commonly known as flashing.”

Any person (A) shall be guilty of an offence who:

  1. For the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification or of causing another person (B) humiliation alarm or distress, intentionally exposes A’s genitals;
  2. Intends that B will see A’s genitals
  3. Does so without B’s consent.

If a person is found guilty of this offence, they can be imprisoned, which may extend to one year, fined, or both.