Man Allegedly Followed ‘Nice & Handsome’ Boy into Toilet at Changi Beach


A trip to the beach is supposed to reward one with a restful and rejuvenating experience.

However, that was not the case for one beachgoer when he instead had his guard up and was weirded out by an encounter with a creepy man.

Wanted to Follow Him into Toilet

In a Facebook post on Singapore Hikers, the beachgoer described his encounter and claimed that a man tried following him into the toilet on multiple occasions.

He had been walking around Changi Beach when a man in blue approached him and asked if he could follow him into the toilet.

Uh, consent is important but some things should just not be asked at all.

Obviously weirded out, the beachgoer rejected the man and told him to “go away”.

Found Him a Second Time

However, after leaving the toilet and walking around, he found that the man had caught up with him again.

This time, the man asked more personal questions like his name and where he lived.

The beachgoer then waved off the man a second time.

But that wasn’t close to the end of it.

Said He “Liked Younger Guys”

Around 10 to 15 minutes later, the man found the beachgoer again.


He became bolder and sat down next to him, asking if he was schooling and trying to initiate a friendship.

Initially, the beachgoer did not want to “make a big deal out of it” but he gradually became more annoyed, as one would.

And if the warning bells weren’t ringing already, it definitely rang loud enough when the man said he “liked younger guys”.

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Wanted to Befriend “Nice and Handsome” Boy

In an attached video, the beachgoer continued asking the man why he would want to follow him into the toilet.

The man breaks from his usual answers and shares that since the beachgoer is a “nice and handsome” boy, he wanted to be “friends”.

The beachgoer then gets straight to the point and asks if the man waits around the toilet to follow guys into the toilet, to which the man replied, “Don’t be silly. I never do that.”

However, the man admitted that he wanted to follow the beachgoer into the toilet because he would lose sight of him if he did not do so.

Finally, the beachgoer’s god-level patience snapped and he raised his voice, asking the man to “go away” and not waste his time.

The man refused but eventually did so when passersby started to gather around.

Warned Adults to be Wary

At the end of his post, the beachgoer said he was not bothered by the man, but wanted to warn adults when bringing children and young teens to the beach as he had seen many young school kids around.


He urged adults to be wary of such encounters at the beach.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Hikers)