Cross-Dressing Man Who Force-Opens MRT Doors Allegedly Lives in Woodlands & Often Plays Music Loudly


Man in Bra Top and Dress Causes Alarm by Forcibly Opening MRT Doors Twice in Singapore

In a series of bizarre incidents, we have a new association to the colours “black” and “pink” – the man who force-opens MRT train doors.

The infamous man dressed in a black bra top and pink dress has been linked to forcefully opening MRT train doors on Singapore’s North-South Line.

On 27 Nov, around 6 pm at Braddell station, an underground station, he attempted to pry open the closing MRT doors.

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Displaying considerable strength, he used his body weight to keep the left door from closing, as though something catastrophic would occur if it shut.

Initially, it appeared he might have been trying to exit the train but missed his chance.

However, his actions caused more disruption than just a delayed departure.

When the door got stuck open, he released it, causing the plushie he was holding to fall to the floor.

You might think that it might be because he wanted to exit the station, but did not manage to do so in time.

But no, he then repeated the action until SMRT staff intervened.

Two days later, on 29 Nov at 1:07 pm, the same individual attempted a similar act on a train moving towards Ang Mo Kio.

This time while it was elevated above ground.

Image: Facebook (@RavenQiu)

His actions could have endangered many, as the train was moving at a high speed.

Passengers initially thought he was merely impatient and attempted to dissuade him, suggesting he could just wait and alight at the next stop.

However, according to Lianhe Zaobao, he shockingly revealed his intention was to jump from the train in a suicide attempt.

In Singapore, suicides are a serious concern, with more than one occurring daily, as reported by the Samaritans of Singapore (SOS).

This individual’s mental state is alarming, especially considering the potential risk to others if he had succeeded in his attempt due to the train’s high speed.

Netizens have expressed their disturbance and confusion over his actions, with some speculating various reasons, including the possibility of him being intoxicated during the day.

Photos shared on social media later showed the man lying on the station platform floor, surrounded by Public Transport Security Command (TransCom) officers.

Image: Facebook (Beh Chia Lor)

Regarding the incidents, Mr Lam, President of SMRT Trains stated that station staff were alerted around 1 pm on Wednesday during the second and more dangerous attempt.

He emphasised that such actions not only endanger the individual but also put other passengers at risk, in an interview with Lianhe Zaobao.

Mr Lam also reported that the man was uncooperative and turned aggressive when station staff tried to address the situation. Investigations are currently ongoing.


A source who claims to have known the man for many years informed Lianhe Zaobao that he lives in Woodlands.

The individual is known for wearing women’s clothes in public, even donning women’s pyjamas to visit fast-food restaurants in the area.

He allegedly plays music loudly during these outings, causing annoyance to the public and disruption to nearby businesses.

No official statement has been released yet regarding these incidents.