Man Hid Savings from Wife But The Money Got Torn by his Dog Instead

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It’s a very old joke that some men end up as henpecked husbands to their wives. In these cases, the wife is the one controlling the family’s finances.

The thing is, this joke could survive so long because it’s actually something that happens, and the Chinese (i.e. we lah) love to make fun of that.

We’re not sure if it’s unique to China, but henpecked husbands are known to hide some personal savings from their wives, as they usually are unable to get much money to use for themselves.

Recently, a man who did just that got discovered in the most ridiculous way ever: dog.


One afternoon, his wife called him about a large bag of hundred-dollar bills being discovered somewhere and torn apart by the dog.

Despair immediately filled the man, as obviously the first thing he thought about was his own private savings. So he rushed back home, and was greeted by this sight.


Yup. That was exactly his personal savings. His 私房钱.

Of course, he couldn’t just admit that the money was his, since, you know, the wife was right there, so he adamantly denied ownership of the money, and suggested maybe the dog found it somewhere outside.

His wife simply smiled and told him since it didn’t belong to him, she was going to keep the rest of the intact bills.

At that very moment, his heart probably sank further than the Titanic.

Normally, when the dog destroys something at home, the wife would beat it, but this time, there was, oddly, no such reaction from her. The dog even had a smug face on the whole time.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but with friends like this, who needs enemies?

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