GrabHitch From Hell: Driver’s Dog Allegedly Bit Passenger; Driver DGAF


Imagine this: all you want, after a tiring day, is a ride back home. But what you get is not just sarcastic remarks from your driver, but a dog’s bite and eventually, even a trip to a hospital.

This is allegedly what happened to Mr Rushdan Eilyaas on the early morning of Christmas Day.

Relating his experience in a long Facebook post that has since garnered over 3K Shares, here’s what happened.

Lest you’ve got only two minutes, here’s a summary of everything.

On Christmas Day at about 2:00 a.m., Rushdan decided to take a GrabHitch home. How GrabHitch works is simple: let’s say you have a car and are driving from Jurong to Tampines. When someone who is also going to Tampines from Jurong used the app, it will match you with that “someone”, so he’ll pay you a fee for driving him to Tampines as well, since the both of you are going the same way.

Okay, so Rushdan was in Harbourfront Centre and wanted to go to Bukit Batok. Just nice there’s a GrabHitch driver, so he took the match.


Firstly, the GrabHitch app shows that the driver should be driving a Mercs, but he came in a Chevrolet. Next, the driver had a dog with him in the car (Rushdan is a Muslim). Thirdly, when Rushdan went to the back seat, the driver shouted, “Eh you no shame ah, not embarrassed ah? This is Grabhitch leh, not Grabcar you know!”

Here’s some context: GrabCar is like a taxi, so passengers usually sit at the back. GrabHitch is like, erm, a favour, so passengers can choose to sit at the front or at the back.

Next, the driver is supposed to only end the trip with his app even before reaching the destination. But he ended it the moment Rushdan was in the car.

And then, hell began.

Throughout the trip, the driver, who has placed the dog on his lap, lectured Rushdan about the GrabHitch culture, and started to come out with insecure statements like he’s just doing a service to community as a GrabHitch driver or that boasting that he usually drives a Mercs,

And all hell breaks loose when they arrived at Rushdan’s destination. The moment he unbuckled his seatbelt, the dog jumped on Rushdan and bit him.

Yeah, with even evidence of its assault (it’s a small Chihuahua).

And when Rushdan rushed out of the car, the driver simply drove off, like nothing had happened.

Rushdan has since made a police report and gone to a hospital for outpatient treatment, which cost $117.40.

Grab has responded to Rushdan, and they have permanently suspended the driver from all forms of driving from the app.

And just to add on, Rushdan also found someone giving a bad review of the driver on Facebook. And it’s even worse, because instead of an angry Chihuahua, the driver allegedly stopped in the middle of the expressway and slept.

Really, come, I clap for you.


But to be fair to the driver, take a look at the comments of the image.

Nevertheless, it’s one heck of a Christmas day for Rushdan.

Featured Image: Facebook (Rushdan Eilyaas)

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