Man in India Divorced Wife ‘Coz She Just Cooked Maggi Mee for All 3 Meals


Last Updated on 2023-04-03 , 12:03 pm

We know the global love Maggi Mee has from us for its quick and easy prep whenever you have a sudden hunger pang—

But perhaps one lady took it too far when she served it for three meals a day to her husband in Ballari, India.

Dubbed the ‘Maggi’ Case by Judge

According to The New Indian Express, Principal district and sessions court judge ML Raghunath raised the peculiar case of divorce when he was speaking about couple filing for divorce over petty issues.

Calling it the ‘Maggi’ case, the judge was told by the husband that he was served Maggi noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Even when the time came for grocery shopping, the wife would only buy Maggi noodles from the grocery shops.

This was because the wife did not know how to cook anything other than the instant noodles.


Eventually, the couple decided to split on the basis of mutual consent.

For those unaware, eating Maggi mee or instant noodles in excess can significantly increase one’s risks of getting diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

India Divorce Numbers on the Rise Over Trivial Matters

Raghunath dubbed the odd case of divorce as one of the many that was filed over trivial incidents in India.

According to Raghunath, the number of divorces occurring within India over trivial incidents has increased “tremendously”.

These trivial incidents would include: putting salt on the wrong side of the plate, wearing the wrong colour on a wedding attire, and not taking each other out on dates.

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Urban areas would also have more divorces compared to rural areas as women from cities tend to be financially independent and educated.

On the contrary, women living in rural areas would have no independence and pressure from society and family will force them to cope with their situation.

Singapore Allows Divorce via Mutual Agreement

In Singapore, a bill to allow couples to divorce by mutual agreement was passed in early January too.

In a similar fashion to the Maggi case, married couples are allowed to split on the grounds of mutual agreement.

Under the bill, couples who file for divorce by mutual agreement must agree that their marriage has broken down irretrievably and explain the reasons for their conclusion.

According to CNA, the couple must also detail reconciliation attempts and consideration for arrangements for their financial affairs and children after the divorce.

With this bill, it enables couples to essentially split with less ill feelings towards each other and better allow for families to heal and move on.

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