Man Injured Girl, Could Not Pay Medical Bills So He Killed Her


You know how sometimes people do stupid things that make us go wtf?

Sometimes we just don’t get why some people would choose to do certain things. It’s even worse if there’s no remedy to what they’ve done.

According to World of Buzz, a 9-year-old girl whose surname is Tao, went missing on Nov 25.

Image:South China Morning Post

Her father made a police report and they found her dead body in a bush near her house.

An eye witness told Mr Tao that he saw the suspect put his daughter in the car and drove off.

The witness was able to provide crucial information such as the car type and car plate information.

Car plate numbers in China start off with the province and city code that the car is registered in.


The police managed to work on the information and arrested the suspect on Nov 27.

He admitted to killing Tao, but the reason he gave might throw you off.

He said he had accidentally hit Tao in a car accident and decided to kill her to avoid paying the high medical bills.

The suspect, named He, took her to a farmland nearby, killed her, and dumped her body there.


While you might be thinking that the guy is insane, this reason has been used several times.

According to Mainland Chinese laws, any accident that resulted in someone getting hurt must be compensated by the one at fault, just like any other laws.

However, any accidental deaths or deliberate murder will only require a one-off payment (sometimes a lifetime payment).

This explains the few cases where some drivers actually killed someone that they hurt accidentally so as to escape the high bills.

So…do you understand where he’s coming from now? Or are you still quite blown away by the reason?

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