Man Left $1,190 in ATM But Thankfully, The Amount is Returned


Not too long ago, someone withdrew $1,000 from an ATM in Yishun and it was stolen by a random (and very quick) person.

You can read the sad story here.

Unfortunately, there were no updates/ happy ending for that unlucky chap.

Well, at least this has a happy ending. Sort of.

What Happened

On 9 October 2017, Facebook user Laudi Heryasin posted on a Facebook page called JB TRACER: Johor Bahru Traffic, Crime and Community Service report.

As the group name suggest, people post crime reports and traffic situation at JB Checkpoint on the group. It’s a community-driven page to strengthen the bond in Johor and Singapore.

What a neat group.

Back to the story.

This is what he posted:

If you can’t read:


Just try my luck here.

The person in front of me was rushing out from POSB ATM machine at Woodlands Town Center without taking his money ($1190).

Unfortunately, the person already gone before I know it. I took the initiative to take the money (and luckily got the receipt as well).

I was waiting for 10-15 mins hoping the guy to realize and go back to the ATM but ended up didn’t show up. Then I decided to call POSB call center to report and the POSB guy gave advice to go to any POSB branch tomorrow.

Planning to go to POSB branch tomorrow to return the money to the poor guy’s account. If anyone here knows the owner of this account please let me know.

First of all, this guy deserves an applause for his noble act, especially in this day and age where people tend to be less than friendly.


Still, despite his effort, no one came forward to claim the cash. Well, to be honest, it would be hard to validate anyone’s claim, too.

So he heeded POSB’s advice and decided to head to one of the POSB branches to return the money.

The next day

He took the KTM train at 12:30 pm to Singapore and went to the POSB branch in Marsiling. He returned the money and the receipt and then took the train back to JB at 3pm.

Soon, he posted on the mentioned Facebook page on the situation:

Image: JB TRACER: Johor Bahru Traffic, Crime & Community Service Report Facebook Page

So the bank credited the money back to the owner’s account and in his own words—so my job here is done.

Netizens were definitely impressed with his honest act. I mean, it looks like he lives in JB, and to go through the hassle of coming back to Singapore to return the cash—just wow!

I am sure the guy is grateful that he got his $1,190 back. You know what would have been sweeter, the victim meeting him and thanking him.


A start of a beautiful friendship. But anyways.

Moral of the story

For the customers

There isn’t always a happy ending, like the guy in Yishun. Now, firstly, always give your utmost attention when at the ATM.

If you do forget to take the cash (and if no else nicks it), the machine will retract the cash and credit it back to your account. But do yourself a favour and don’t wait for the machine to do its job.

For people who found the cash


If you happen to find the cash at the ATM machine, check out if there is any receipt as well. Head to the respective bank and return the money and the receipt.

If you fail to get a receipt, little details like the time of the incident and the location of the ATM would be useful too.

And if you’re in a rush, just wait a while as the machine will retract the cash after a while.

Oh, just so you know, contrary to what many have mentioned in our Facebook post, this seems to be a completely unrelated case to the one in Yishun.

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