Man Lists Hotel-Lookalike Room for Rent But When Chiobu Asked About It, He Wanted to Give it For Free


This is a hearsay, but we all know there’s a lot of truth in this: if you’re a female and request for a hitch in carpooling apps, chances of you getting matched are much higher than a male.

And if you put a profile picture of yourself? It’s like every guy out there is going where you’re going.

The ugly truth is that beautiful people do have an advantage in certain aspect; no wonder I’m at such a disadvantage in everything I do.

And this latest complaint by a beautiful person, which led to a police report, would convince you that.

Well, kind of.

Advertisement for Room for Rent

So, a lady, whom we should call Chio Chin, is looking for a room to rent in Singapore. She came across this post in Facebook Marketplace:


Pretty sure it’s a coincidence that the name of the seller resembles a certain Hong Kong superstar, but it doesn’t matter: the world’s filled with coincidences and this is merely one of them.

Now let’s take a look at the room itself.

$500 for a room with a balcony that looks like a hotel room in Sentosa?


What a coincidence.

There’s even no mention of whether this is an HDB or condo. Maybe it’s The Eden at Tampines; that place looks dope.

And to add coincidence to coincidence, there are even two queen-sized beds, which means it can fit four people comfortably.

Or maybe dogs, since the “seller” Chow Yun-fat seems to have a number of dogs with him.

(We’ve to blur the dogs as well because equality for all)

So our dear Chio Chin immediately sent him a message. That kind of room’s going to be snapped up fast!

But something’s wrong when Chow Yun-fat asked weird questions…

Okay, maybe he’s just profiling the tenant. Maybe he has other tenants who prefer to stay with single professionals.


But Chio Chin didn’t sound comfortable le, so she rejected with the typical “it’s okay”, which means “NO”.

Guess Chow Yun-fat doesn’t get the memo.

And then shit hits the fan.

What do you do when you’re “soured” by a troll?


You make a police report, of course.

Police Report Made

That night, Chio Chin decided that she’s not going to let the guy off, so she made a police report.

In other words, SGT2 Patricia Nivashini D/O Sivachandra just had more to do.


The moral of the lesson in this article?

Learn to spot the difference between trolls and genuine people. It’s actually not that difficult.

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