Man Loses 47kg In 10 Months By Exercising 6 Days A Week, Forgoes Unhealthy Food

Image: Facebook (Shah Guerriero del Coraggio )


In today’s society, everybody wants to look good.

It’s not exactly a bad thing. Who wouldn’t want to look their best and feel more confident?

I mean, which guy wouldn’t want to look this?

Image: Tumblr

Of course, realistically speaking, most men can only dream of looking like such a perfect human male specimen.

*Sobs from my Asian single-eyelids*

While we can’t control our faces (without surgery), one thing we can control is our body.

That is why many men and women are obsessed with losing weight to achieve a body worthy of being on a magazine cover.

But losing weight isn’t easy.

It takes a high level of discipline to stick to a healthy diet and put in lots of hours of exercises every week.


And if you want a Thor-like body, that’s a whole other ballgame.

As a result, people may start looking for easier, simpler alternatives that don’t involve eating salads every day and having to spend hours at the gym.

That’s probably how the Keto diet became famous.

And then there was the One Punch Man challenge that went viral on the Internet.

On top of all of these, we do sorely need some assurance that hard work does pay off.

47kg Weight Loss Over 10 Months

Well, here’s a new role model for you.

A man named Shah Guerriero del Coraggio took to Facebook and shared his amazing weight-loss experience.

Shah weighed around 116 kg last year in November. Fast forward 10 months to September 2019, he weighs in at only 69 kg.


Image: Facebook

Yes, it looks as miraculous as it sounds.

A whopping 47 kg weight loss was achieved through a strict diet and exercise regimen, as shared in his Facebook post.

During these 10 months, he exercised for 6 days a week, consisting of 3 days of 4-hour gym sessions and another 3 days of cardio workouts.

He also cut out all sweet drinks and unhealthy food, enjoying a cheat day only once a week.

He’s probably even more inspiring than my handsome fitspo colleague. Shhh don’t tell him I said that.

Overeating Due To Depression

In an interview with Mothership, Shah shared his experiences as a kid.


His parents divorced when he was only 10 years old, leaving him broken on the inside.

He dealt with depression and suicidal tendencies, and felt that he could only cope by overeating.

However, he managed to overcome his difficulties and set his mind to improving himself not just physically, but mentally as well.

“There was a difference inside of me.”

As his physical appearances and health improved, so did his mental health and self-confidence.

I’m sure many of us have tried to lose weight in the past and encountered haters who try to dissuade you with toxic behaviour, saying things like “Aiya don’t pretend diet la! Just eat only!”

But as Shah said in his Facebook post, he used them as a motivation and eventually proved them wrong.

While most people would have encountered weight issues or mental health difficulties, Shah serves as a role model and inspiration for all of us.

He showed us that with hard work and perseverance, we can make our lives better.


Here’s to all of us.

And here’s to me looking like Chis Hemsworth 10 months later.

I’m gonna do it.

Inner Me:

Image: Tumblr

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