Man Lost 15KG In A Month After Going On Beer-Only Diet

What is a great way to lose weight?

Do the One Punch Man work-out for 30 days?

Consider liposuction? (Not recommended).

Walk from Admiralty MRT Station to Yio Chu Kang Station during the Vesak Day long weekend (May 18-20) in lieu of stations closure?

While these are possible alternatives, they do seem a tad tedious and not to mention, rather inconvenient to achieve.

One man from Cincinnati, Ohio though, found a beer-y good way to achieve effortless weight loss.

And this is his story.

Del Hall -The man who lost 15 KG in 30 days by just drinking beer


According to InsiderDell Hall, a director of sales at Fifty West Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been living off just a beer diet for the 46 days leading up to Easter Sunday.

This period leading up to Easter Sunday, or otherwise known as Lent, is a period of six weeks where Christians would repent and reflect in preparations for Easter celebration.

Fasting or abstinence from certain types of foods and activities are observed rituals as part of Lent.

Inspired by German Monks

According to Hall, his frothy diet plan was a nod to German monks from the 1600s, who brewed and consumed a specific type of beer, while abstaining from solid foods.

Image: Giphy

The beer was apparently rich lager known as a doppelbock, which had high alcohol content and was full of carbohydrates.

This was apparently not the first time that Hall had tried for a liquid-only diet.

He had previously done so with oh-very-boring water and had called it quits just four days in.

Preparations and Results

That being said, a lager-only diet is rather extreme and might potentially do more harm than good.

Before embarking on his diet, Hall sought medical advice and is still currently checking in with his doctor every fortnightly.

Image: Tenor

Hall was told to take a daily multivitamin and to ensure hydration throughout the 46-day period.

It was unclear if hydration meant more beer or just water.

At the start of his journey, Hall weighed in at 132kg and lost a whopping 6.8kg in a mere 7 days, the time it took God to create the world in Biblical lore.

Within a month’s time, Hall lost about 15kg and now sits at 117kg.

What Next?

As Easter Sunday falls on 21 April 2019 this year, it would appear that Hall has just under 2 weeks to savour his current dietary arrangements.

He told Insider that his first few meals will consist of only soup in order for his body to normalize.


He said: “Your digestive system sort of shuts down. So you have to slowly re-introduce food”.

So what would be his first solid meal?

Apparently, a big piece of steak as that’s what he has been craving for.

Beer and Lager? 

That sounds like a good meal to me.


Would We Do It?

But then again, a beer-only diet sounds like the highway for your liver to move on. And your wallet since, you know, alcohol tax in Singapore is pretty high.

So would we give it a shot? Probably not.

Dieting is good, but living to savour the results of your diet is important too. #JustSaying

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