Man Managed to Steal Cashcards & Valuables in CCK Car Park But Was Caught by CCTV

Image: Daniel Jedzura /

Does your mom scold you when you leave important things lying around in the car?

Mine does. She always warns me of potential thieves stealing my things. But I will respond to her dismissively saying that no one will do such things in Singapore.


I mean, even CNBC said so.

Except, it turns out that your mother is always right.

The CCK Carpark Heist

In what I will dub as the ‘CCK carpark heist’, a 26-year-old man has been arrested for stealing credit cards from vehicles in the carpark.

The police reported that he did this from 31 March to 3 May 2019.


After extensive ground enquiries and snapshots from CCTV in the area, they managed to identify the man.

Well, as usual, good job to the men in blue. They’re quite good-looking as well; just check out these videos we’ve done with them:

But anyways~

If found guilty, the man faces up to three years of jail, a fine or both.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

So that’s it for the criminal, but here’s the thing.

Low Crime Doesn’t Mean No Crime


You need to hands to clap. I mean, even Thanos need two fingers to snap, right?


While Singapore ranks first in terms of Law and Order worldwide, we cannot be complacent with our belongings.

It is important to keep our belongings properly. I do not want to be writing about you next.

Here are some things you can do to protect your valuables.

Remove cash cards and keys when leaving the car

It can be easy to forget this because you use the cash card every day and it sits comfortably in the reader. You could get a cap for the reader so that no one can see if there is a card in there or not. Or you could place the card in a safe compartment in the car.

Do not leave gadgets like laptops and phones lying around in the car 

If you need to leave it in the car, you can hide your items in the boot or under the seat. Anyways, it’s not a good idea as well, because the interior of the car would be so hot, your laptop might be cooked when you’re back.

Install a camera in your car as a form of deterrence for the thief

A car camera is really useful these days! This is because it can help to provide evidence should you witness anything strange on the road or if anything happens to your car. Do consider investing in one. In addition, new cameras have blue blinking light 24 hours a day; that would definitely deter any CCK carpark heist.

Remember to lock your door and wind up the windows before you leave the car

This may sound obvious. But some of us may be absent-minded or too tired after a long day that we forget to do this. Or you think it’s too safe here in Singapore.

Well, here’s one sentence to sum it all up: DON’T BE COMPLACENT.