CNBC FB Video Roasted by SGAG & Failed #LikeABoss

Would you leave your phone, laptop and wallet unattended while you buy your food in a hawker centre?

In Singapore, most won’t because the wait for the hawker to fry your char kway teow will become the longest period in their lives, but I digress.

We might not because although Singapore is safe, we’re conditioned with the mentality that “low crime doesn’t mean no crime”; nonetheless, a US news channel decided to test this out.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you would have seen this video by CNBC International, in which a guy did a social experiment to see if it would be safe to leave his valuables unattended.

Lest you’re not aware, CNBC is a cable TV news channel owned by NBCUniversal. Their Facebook Page seems to have some fascination with Singapore: a few months ago, they uploaded a few videos about Singapore that garnered millions of videos.

For example, this one about Changi Airport, which garnered well over 21 million views (note: Singapore’s population is about 5.5 million, so it puts Singapore on the world map):

Here's what it takes to design the world's best airport

Complete with a indoor garden, swimming pool, and movie theater, Singapore's Changi Airport might be the vacation you've always dreamt of.

Posted by CNBC International on Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Or this, the one about Nasi Lemak Burger (yes, seriously), which gets less views but still an acceptable number:

McDonald's latest regional burger is selling like crazy

The lines in Singapore for McDonald's latest regional offering, the Nasi Lemak burger, suggest it's a huge hit. But is it worth the hype? We went to find out.

Posted by CNBC International on Thursday, 27 July 2017

So, it’s no surprise that they decided to do another one in 2018 (new year, new me, new Singapore video!), this time in a hawker centre no less, because how else can you experience Singapore without visiting one?

The premise is interesting: the person would leave his valuables, including his smartphone, laptop and wallet on a hawker centre table, buy his food and come back: all in the name of testing how safe Singapore is.

Like what Mr Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

Why is TikTok so popular? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that it has nothing to do with its cringe content. Here’s the real reason: (Also remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

Uploaded on 16 January 2018, I’ve got to say that when I first watched it back then, I thought it was one heck of a good way to gain views. I mean, yes, I’m pretty certain the only issue is the cleaning aunties who might just remove the items, but it still drew me in.

The video then cut into the guy explaining about how some shops merely cover everything when they’re closed lah, how a cafe merely uses a rope to indicate it’s closed lah…etc, etc.

And during this period, there’s a real-time footage of the guy buying his food.

Unsurprisingly, he came back with his valuables untouched.

No biggie, until you decide to read the comments.

This, to be specific.

In case you can’t read it:

“I think the real crime here is that this muppet walked up to a Kway Teow stall, ordered chicken rice but got fried rice in the end.”

Remind me to read the comments before watching any videos online please, tyvm.

But I didn’t know about this until SGAG, the to-go site for a laugh, burned the CNBC video like a boss with a reaction video.

The first sin: guy left his wallet to buy his food. So, how is he going to pay for his food?

Image: Facebook (CNBC International)

Second sin: guy went to a char kway teow stall (the exposure of the image has been adjusted to make the words clearer)…

Image: Facebook (SGAG)

…to buy chicken rice.

Xiao Ming from SGAG didn’t question this, but I’m curious: if you tell a hawker that you want a plate of chicken rice, what’s usually the first response?


(Loosely translated: “Ah Boy arh, what chicken? Roasted chicken or white chicken?)

And of course, next: a real-time cut of the guy waiting for his chicken rice…and receiving a plate of fried rice instead. Or fried noodles. And paying for it.

Oh, good. So he did bring money; the first sin is struck off, but wait.

Image: Facebook (CNBC International)

Did he change his order?

Well, from the look of it…

I guess he didn’t. Or maybe it’s filmed in 2028, when chicken rice looks like this.

Here, check out SGAG’s video here:


Hahaha CNBC’s video about Singapore failed so bad that it made Xiao Ming laugh until he almost cry 😂😂😂

Posted by SGAG on Friday, 19 January 2018

But nevertheless, we do understand that due to filming difficulties, it’s not easy to have consistencies, even when it’s vetted by millions of eyes.

Just take a look at our own video (if you can, also subscribe to our YouTube channel lah, we very poor thing very few subs only), between 0:31 to 0:38.

A paper mysteriously disappeared.

So cut them some slack, though it’s really funny AF.

Now, what’s the lesson here?

You can do any social experiment here in Singapore, you can make a paper disappear or even change the colour of a person’s hair within one second, but don’t you ever mess with our food.

Since you’re here, why not watch a video about a guy who lodged a Police report here in Singapore because he was friendzoned? Seriously. Here, watch it and do remember to share it (and also subscribe to Goody Feed YouTube channel)!

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