Man Murdered Supervisor & Stole Her Jewellery To Fund His Wedding

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How far would you go for money?

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Some would eat ridiculous things like cockroaches and crickets just to get that $10 from their friend who dared them to do it.

Some might resort to easy money – selling used socks and… undergarments online. (You will be shocked by the amount of money that you can make)

And this man right here? He stabbed and hit his supervisor to death and then stole her gold jewellery for money.

In other words, he murdered and then robbed his dead supervisor for money.

He Was Getting Married 

Cleaner Ahmad Muin Yaacob, 26, was accused of killing the widow between 12 and 1pm at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.

He stabbed Maimunah Awang, his supervisor, with a pair of grass cutters and stole her gold jewellery.

He then dumped her body in a drain and fled Singapore through Woodlands Checkpoint and returned home to Kelantan, Malaysia.

According to TODAYonline, he needed money desperately to pay for his upcoming wedding.

Guess you can say he did it in the name of love…

Marriage Was Shortlived 

Three weeks after getting married, he was arrested by the Malaysian police and was handed over to the authorities here.

He confessed to stabbing Maimunah in the chest and using the handle of the grass cutter to hit her head, eventually killing her.

Supervisor Was Kind To Him 

This wasn’t a case whereby he had enough abuse from his supervisor.

Maimunah was never the bad person. In fact, she was more than kind to him.

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According to Mr Roslan Tamain, the operations executive of CSP Maintenance, he had seen her scolding cleaners but had never raised her voice at them.

She would let him sleep in the storeroom against regulations because he had no place to stay in Singapore. He even owed her $70.

She risked her job for him but he repaid her with a stab to her chest.

Ahmad Got Fired 

Two weeks before Maimunah was murdered, Mr Roslan Tamain, the operations executive of CSP Maintenance fired Ahmad.

He was firing him as it was not profitable for CSP to have four foreign workers at the ferry terminal and the other three workers were on permanent permits.

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Ahmad told him he was getting married soon and asked if he could continue his job until he finds a new one but his permit had already been terminated.

Eventually Continued Working Temporarily 

In addition to the $400 wages that Mr Roslan gave him, he borrowed money from Maimunah and his other colleagues.


Mr Roslan told him not to return to work anymore.

He also knew that Maimunah would lend money to cleaners and had told her before not to lend them money but it fell on deaf ears.

However, the next day he pleaded to continue working so that he could earn money for his wedding. Mr Roslan allowed him to do so temporarily.

When and How It Happened 

Mr Roslan testified that Maimunah wore jewellery at work. She had gold rings on all her fingers and anklets that would jingle.

On 24 November 2016, Ahmad went to the storeroom where Maimunah was having lunch.


He thrust the blade of the grass cutter into her right upper chest. She slumped over and begged for him not to harm or kill her.

Even though he saw that she was weak and gasping for air, he didn’t stop and continued to hit her on the head with the grass cutters repeatedly.

Ahmad took two gold necklaces and bracelets that she was wearing and her phone. He then pushed her body into the drain outside the storeroom, closed the drain cover and left the ferry terminal.

He pawned the jewellery for about $3,300 and gambled away some of the money.

The trial continues and the prosecution intends to lead evidence from 56 witnesses. If found guilty of murder, he could be sentenced to death.