Man Propose with Homemade Game, Sweetness Overload TTM


There are all types of proposals in the world. From proposing with nappies or fruits to a Lamborghini car procession, one thing you cannot deny is the efforts a guy goes to for the woman of his life.

And this dude just raised the bar higher for us folks who hasn’t proposed to our girlfriend yet. Either because we had no idea what to do or, well, we have no girlfriend to propose to. Yet.

The man who proposed with a game

Okay, so it doesn’t really sound that great when I put it this way. 

But hear this, he created the game himself and every stage of the game is a reflection their journey together. Yes, created! I’m not a programmer but I know that must have taken ages to come up with.

He even played the same song which his grandfather proposed to his grandmother with. Unfortunately (or fortunately), she didn’t seem to catch the hint.

Thankfully, after going through so much effort and hard work, she said yes to him. Aww.


On a completely unrelated note, the game seemed very challenging in the video. Was he trying to play hard to get?

Feature Image: YouTube (TimeToChange)

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