Man Punched Primary School Boy Coz’ He Cycled on the Pathway


On the list of rational steps to take to settle an argument, punching someone in the face has to at least be second last.

This is especially the case if the victim happens to be a young boy who is 54 years younger than you.

But, for reasons we may never know, one elderly man chose to do just that, when he spotted a young boy doing something absolutely monstrous:


Man Punched Primary School Boy Coz’ He Cycled on the Pathway

On 13 Nov last year, 67-year-old Chua Chek Yong saw a boy cycling on a pathway near Block 438 Hougang Avenue 8.

Chua told the boy to ride on the pavement instead, as he wasn’t supposed to ride on the pathway, and the boy listened.

The next week, Chua saw the same boy cycling on the same pathway, and had a slightly more inflamed reaction.


He threatened to deflate the boy’s tires if he caught him cycling there again, and so the boy moved away.

However, Chua saw the boy cycling on the same pathway again 15 minutes later, and misplaced his faeces, to say the least.

When the boy asks who decreed riding on pathways illegal, Chua responded with “I say. Government say.”

When the boy points out that it’s actually allowed under guidelines by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), the man said: “Eh, you don’t argue with me ah.”

The boy tried to explain to the man that LTA permits cyclists to ride on pavements, but before the boy could complete his sentence, the man slapped his face.

He also snatched the boy’s phone, and when he tried to retrieve it, he punched the boy. 

Unfortunately for the 67-year-old, the boy had recorded the incident on his phone.

As evident from pictures that were later uploaded online, the 12-year-old boy suffered swelling around his left cheek as well as a bruise on his chin.

He was later sent to the hospital for examination. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t end well for Chua.

Jailed for 5 Days

Yesterday (2 Sep), Chua was sentenced to five days’ jail after pleading guilty to voluntarily causing hurt to a person aged under 14.

Chua’s lawyer pointed out that his client was regretful of his actions, as he had paid for the boy’s medical bills.

The prosecution, however, noted that Chua had challenged the boy’s father to a fight after the assault, and was only forthcoming once he discovered that there was a witness to the attack.


Was He Right?

Punching a 12-year-old boy is never justified, but was the man right about where the boy was allowed to ride?

Well, no. 

According to LTA, cyclists are allowed on cycling paths, park connectors, footpaths, and even roads.

Image: LTA

So before you go around punching young boys, please check LTA’s website first.

Editor: Uh, please don’t punch young boys for any reason.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Stanley Tan)


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