Man on SHN Brought A Woman Into His Hotel Room at Midnight & Claimed They Kept a Safe Distance

Before anything, here’s the reason why the man has committed the offence: it was because he was “bored”.

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Done with your fuming?

Okay, let’s figure out how his boredom has left him to a four-week fully paid chalet in Changi Prison.

Man on SHN in a Hotel Brought A Woman Into His Room

37-year-old car sales executive Chng Tianxi had just arrived in Singapore from Thailand on 26 March 2020.

As per the law, he’d have to be on Stay-Home Notice for 14 days. However, instead of staying home, he claimed to have booked a room in Pan Pacific Serviced Suites before he arrived in Singapore, so he put that address as his SHN residence.


It’s unknown why he did that. Maybe he’s bored.

However, on 1 April 2020, at 1:25 am, he went to the basement car park to meet a woman, China national Chen Yijun, and brought her to his room.

He reportedly “befriended” her on March 2020.

None of them was wearing a mask then.

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The woman spent 3.5 hours in his room, which meant she left at about 5am.

They must be watching a nice movie together.

And that movie appears to have a sequel, because three days later, Chng went to the hotel basement to bring her up to his room at 12:35am again.

Needed Time to Finish Up Dinner

This time, however, a security officer saw them together and informed the receptionist, who then called Chng’s room a few times to remind him that he couldn’t have visitors or go out.

Chng told the receptionist that “he needed more time to finish up dinner” with Chen.

Oh, so it’s a dinner.

And 1.5 hours later, Chen left the room.

All I can say is…

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The middle finger to the authorities is high here.

The hotel then reported the breaches to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.

And so, you’d think that Chng would have learned his lesson?


Meet 3 Friends at Basement Car Park

The most rebellious guy who loves watching movies in a room with a lady then left his room a few days later again, this time to meet up with his friends for 10 minutes. They then took the lift together.


The reason for his repeated offences throughout?

He was bored.

Total Risk: 5 Hours & 12 Minutes

The prosecutor pushed for a 6 weeks’ jail because Chng “contravened because he was bored”, and that was it was a “reckless disregard” for the laws. She even counted the exact time Chng risked passing the virus to others: 5 hours and 12 minutes.

And guess what? According to Chng’s lawyer, Chng had kept a safe distance from the lady in the room.

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The prosecutor (and you who’s reading this) immediately objected because there’s no evidence of that. After all, they could be watching a horror film and that could cause them to hug each other.


Chng was eventually jailed for 4 weeks.

Now, all of a sudden, BKT Lover isn’t such a bad fellow after all.

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