Man Showed Example of Hairdo On Paused Video & Got a ‘Play Button’ Shaved Onto His Head

Image: Weibo

Every time you go to the hairstylist, your heart probably be going ba-dump-ba-dump like you’re on a first date.

And for good reason.

Every haircut session is a risk.

If you’re unlucky enough to meet with a “noob” hairstylist, you’ll probably be spawning an ugly AF hairstyle for at least one month.

A pregnant woman was so annoyed at a noisy baby that she threw a pot of burning mala at the baby. At the worst part of this? She wasn’t charged. Click on the image below to read about this shocking incident:

And here’s a true story about one of our colleagues: one day, he came into the office with a BMT hairstyle. Everyone held their laugh but when he explained, we all buay tahan and laughed out loud. Here’s his story:

“I told the auntie to cut NS-style hairstyle. I thought she’ll know that it meant ‘reservist’ hairstyle, or at least not the BMT hair, since she’s an experienced Singaporean or Malaysian. But when that cutter goes to my fringe, I know jialat liao.”

By the way, it took almost two months for his hair to grow back to “normalcy”, and he only wore a cap on the first two days; after that, he gave up altogether.

Which explains why we’re always careful to show them the exact hairstyle we want through pictures or videos.

Well, guess what? It might be a good idea to only show pictures from now on.

Or what happened to this man might just happen to you too.

Man Shows His Desired Hairstyle on Paused Video

According to legends, this one man in China, Beijing, was playing with his phone when he saw this hairstyle that he really, really likes on a video.

Do you have someone in your office who doesn’t dare to make a call? If so, this video is for you:

Pausing it, he showed the image to his hairstylist.

Here’s the image.

Image: Weibo

Looks cool. Nice and spiffy, in fact.

So nothing wrong, right?

Except, it did go wrong.

And Gets Play Button Shaved Onto His Head

The hairstylist then asked him if he really wanted that triangle shape as well.

Not understanding what the hairstylist was talking about, he simply nodded.

And here’s the end result.

Image: Weibo

No, he did not film himself and pause the video before making a screengrab.

The hairstylist followed the image presented to a tee.

Image: Weibo

On both sides of the head.

Man Pretty Happy with New Hairstyle Though

Now, thankfully, the man was pretty happy with the hairstyle.

Image: Weibo

Which we get because hey, it looks pretty good, and most importantly, adds an edge to the hairstyle.

When he showed off his new hairdo on the internet, netizens went crazy.

The post blew up with over 22,000 shares and netizens were amused at the antics of this man and his hairstylist.

“The hairdresser indeed copied the model’s hairstyle in the exact (same) way,”

“This is a new, trendy hairstyle, it actually looks really good,”

“Looking at his hair, I feel like clicking ‘Play’!”

Now, imagine if he had pressed paused at a different section of the video.


Things would’ve gone really, really bad.

But at least now you know, don’t ever show a “paused” video to a hairstylist.

And if you don’t understand what the hairstylist is talking about, don’t pretend to understand and nod your head.

If not, you might meet with the same situation as the man and things might not turn out as well as his.

And oh, as for my colleague, he told us that he’s now more careful about what he says. No more “做兵的头发”.

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