Man Sued Woman for the Return of $7.5M After Their Relationship Ended


The end of a relationship is often filled with bitterness, resentment, and deep loathing.

And that’s just over who gets to keep the Netflix account.

While we can be highly rational and objective creatures in other areas, love tends to bring out the worst in us, especially when it goes wrong.

The story of Mr Lyu Jun and Ms Wei Ho-Hung is no different, except that lots of money are involved.

And by that, I mean millions.

A Rocky Relationship

The two first met in 2016 at a medical conference in Taiwan.

Mr Lyu, a Beijing-based dental surgeon, was married at the time and had one daughter. Ms Wei, a businesswoman resident in Singapore, had four children at the time.

Soon after meeting, they became intimate.

In 2018, Ms Wei bore a fifth child, who she claims was fathered by Mr Lyu. The pair eventfully broke up in 2019.

During their time together, the Beijing-based dental surgeon transferred some 40 million yuan (around S$8.35 million) to Ms Wei.

This money she used to purchase a Mercedes-Benz GLC250 for S$211,140 and a unit at Leedon Heights for some S$4.35 million.

The businesswoman also used the money given to her by Mr Lyu for property investments and surrogacy costs.

Nothing wrong with a lover lavishing gifts on their bae, right? Well, the problem is that the pair don’t actually agree on why the large amounts of money were given to Ms Wei.

Man Suing Lover for $7.5M

Now, Mr Lyu is suing Ms Wei for S$7.5m, claiming that the sums he transferred to her were not gifts.

He noted that he had given her other items that were clearly gifts, such as an Omega watch and luxury bags.

Ms Wei has a different story, however.


Denying the claims, she said that they were gifts and that they were meant to cajole her into continuing the relationship, with Mr Lyu allegedly saying he would marry her.

She added that the dental surgeon asked her not to leave him until he finalised his divorce with his wife of 27 years.

Ms Wei believed they had an understanding that if Mr Lyu failed to marry her, he would not be entitled to benefit from any of the assets purchased with the “unconditional gifts” he gave.

She said that she had a surrogate child with Mr Lyu because she believed the gifts were an indication of his commitment to her.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Lyu denied these claims.


He said he never made any such promises to Ms Wei and that she was the one who urged him to divorce his wife and marry her.

She was also the one, he said, who also asked him to transfer money to her so she could manage assets for him, among other things.

As evidence of her purported greed, Mr Lyu pointed out that after Ms Wei’s relationship with her ex-husband ended, she took steps to acquire a sizeable portion of his assets.

What’s more, she allegedly became more interested in Mr Lyu after he sold his Beijing dental hospital for around 80 million yuan (around S$16.2 million) in 2016.

Now, he’s suing his former lover and seeking a court order to recover the money he gave her as well as an injunction to stop her from dealing with certain properties.

Another hearing is expected to take place this month.


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