Man Who Sued Woman for “Friendzoning” Him Now Got Sued by Woman As Well

Remember how we said we’re keeping our eyes on this case where a Singapore man sues woman for $3 million after being “friendzoned”?

Here’s a short video for a quick recap:


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We’re back with more updates.

It turns out that the woman, Ms Nora Tan, is no sitting duck as she has countersued the man, Mr K. Kawshigan, in question for at minimum $1,475, predominantly for items that she purchased to protect herself against him and the counselling sessions she attended with him.

We also have further details about this ill-fated relationship between Ms Tan and Mr Kawshigan.

Ms Tan is presently represented by Edmond Pereira Law Corporation.

Here’s what happened.

Woman’s Bought Safety Devices to Guard Herself Against Man She Rejected

One of the claims that Ms Tan is countersuing Mr Kawshigan for is the costs she expended to purchase safety devices for her home.

Safety devices such as a digital door viewer, an alarm sensor and a video doorbell were amongst the items which Ms Tan selected and installed to preserve her security in her home, which Mr Kawshigan visited her home to serve her court papers for his lawsuit against her.

A pity that pepper spray is a prohibited item in Singapore and it’s an offence to carry such items?

It seems that Mr Kawshigan may also have stepped out of line by personally serving Ms Tan court papers at her home.

In Singapore, service of official court papers is typically served on the defendant, or the party being sued in the case, by a court process server, a lawyer or a lawyer’s clerk.

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Woman Seeks Compensation for Counselling and Healing Sessions

Initially prior to the lawsuits, Ms Tan had attended counselling sessions with Mr Kawshigan for a lengthy one and a half years in a bid to work on and improve on the relationship of the two parties.

This is unsurprising, given that she had forked out over $1,000 participating in said counselling and healing sessions.

If you feel like you need to go to therapy just by reading this, well, you’re in a similar boat with Ms Tan.

Ms Tan is also seeking compensation for her own counselling sessions, though the sum of her own counselling sessions have not been disclosed.

We expect these sessions to be relatively costly, given that the typical fees for a session appear to range in the hundreds.

Details of the Defamation

More details have also been revealed about the defamation suit brought by Mr Kawshigan against Ms Tan.

Ms Tan is a sustainability manager while Mr Kawshigan is reportedly the CEO of D1 Racing, a sports organiser, which was the organiser for the cancelled NYE Beach Party and Drone Show 2022 while.

It seems like Mr Kawshigan raced to get this relationship to work, but sadly it was not sustainable for Ms Tan.

As part of his defamation claim, Mr Kawshigan complains of several instances of conduct allegedly carried out by Ms Tan, including making false verbal allegations to him within earshot of others, making false allegations over text messages which others saw.

These instances of communication allegedly took place in public spaces, such as a café in September 2020 which was overheard by no fewer than three other people, and in a private-hire vehicle in June 2019 which was the driver could hear.

In the meantime, Ms Tan has successfully obtained an expedited protection order against Mr Kawshigan and is in the midst of applying for a long-term personal protection order.

Protection orders (which may be expedited, depending on the urgency of the protection order) are typically filed as a civil remedy to protect an individual from harassment where the applicant has to furnish key facts of harassment to substantiate their application.

This entanglement between Mr Kawshigan and Ms Tan will continue to play out in coming days, with the pre-trial proceedings scheduled to be heard before the High Court on 9 February 2023.

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