Man Got a Tinder Date But Think She is Unattractive ‘Coz She Has Only 1K Instagram Followers


Everyone has their own set of relationship dealbreakers.

For some, texting every minute of the day is a dealbreaker, while to others, it’s a requirement.

It all depends on what you’re looking for in a relationship, really.

Some of us want someone nice, some only focus on looks, while others will only date people with a high number of followers on Instagram.

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Man Got a Tinder Date But Think She is Unattractive ‘Coz She Has Only 1K Instagram Followers

A man who met a girl from Tinder is questioning his relationship with her after finding out that she only has 1,000 followers on Instagram.

The man shared his romantic troubles in a post on the Facebook page NUSWhispers on Tuesday (9 June).


The anonymous male poster, who I’ll refer to as Shallow Hal, said the two matched on Tinder and hit it off immediately, with daily texts and late-night video calls.

He said Tinder Girl was his type, because she was pretty, had a nice body, was educated, had a “decent job”, and an outgoing personality.

“I really enjoyed our convos and felt we had great chemistry”, Shallow Hal said.

Two weeks later, Shallow Hal asked Tinder Girl for her Instagram account handle, and discovered that she had 1,000 followers. He added that she is following over 800 people, so most of her followers are probably her friends.

For a normal human being, this would mean absolutely nothing. It’s like finding out your date prefers to use Mozilla Firefox instead of Chrome. Who cares, right?

Shallow Hal, that’s who.

Only Dates Influencers

See, Shallow Hal, as he so modestly puts it, prides himself on “only dating influencers”.

He claims that he has 10k followers, and that his four ex-girlfriends had followers ranging from 10k to 80k.

According to Shallow Hal, your attractiveness is directly proportional to the number of followers you have on Instagram.

“Like it or not, your IG followers is a reflection of how attractive you are. Cos if you are hot, confirm will attract followers on IG.

So, basically, even if you’re Gigi Hadid and you only have 1,000 followers, you’re not hot enough for Shallow Hal.

“I myself am quite a catch, which is why I managed to get 10k followers even though I don’t post very often also”, he said.

If you’ve noticed, Shallow Hal has already mentioned that he has 10k followers twice. Could he have fabricated this whole story just to boast about the fact that he has 10k followers?



Shallow Hal explains that since he is the “cream of the crop”, he also wants to date girls who are “the cream of the crop”.

“My friends have also always admired me for being able to date all these highly coveted girls.”

I’m sure his friends also admire him for his humility.

Just an “Average Girl”

After his stunning discovery, Shallow Hal says he became more distant. But since she started giving him more attention ever since he started paying less to her, Shallow Hal started feeling guilty, and now wonders if he should give her a chance.

He is considering trying to overcome the horrific stigma of dating someone with 1k followers because he’s had relationship issues with his more ‘popular’ influencer ex-girlfriends in the past.

“…my previous relationships all failed because when you are dating IG famous girls, you need to deal with a different set of issues like jealousy, insecurity, cheating etc.”.


But, at the same time, he’s worried his friends will judge him for “lowering” his standards to date an “average girl”.

You have to hand it to Shallow Hal. He’s really taking superficiality and stupidity to new heights.

Embarrassed To Bring Her To Events

Shallow Hall says that another issue with dating Tinder Girl is that he’d be embarrassed to bring her to Media/PR events, something he’s invited to quite often.

“Can you imagine how embarrassing it will be if I bring this girl there with her 1k followers? I will also feel so embarrassed to tag her in my IG if we really end up together.”

“Like my followers will prob go see her IG and realise I have really downgraded from 80k to 1k.”


This poor man. Someone needs to start a petition on to ensure that Shallow Hal’s date gets more followers or that we find a spare heart to place in that cold, black void in his chest.

To Meet Or Not To Meet?

The man says that Tinder Girl wants to meet after Phase 1 is over, but he is conflicted.

“Should I give her a chance knowing that I am definitely the more attractive one? Any advice from people who dated someone who is in a lower league and didn’t regret it?”

Needless to say, the “advice” netizens gave wasn’t exactly what he was looking for.

“Deserves a Better Guy”

Neitzens were about as nice to Shallow Hal as a tiger is to a gazelle, criticising him for his superficiality and urging him to leave Tinder Girl.

Image: Facebook (NUSWhispers)
Image: Facebook (NUSWhispers)

Is It Real Though?

Then again, Shallow Hal’s story was posted on NUSWhispers, a page not exactly known for its credibility.

Since posters remain anonymous, there’s no way to verify if this story is true. And because it seems so ridiculous, it’s hard to believe that it is.

On the other hand, we’re forgetting that there are some truly dense and shallow people out there, so it may be true after all.


If it is indeed true, let’s hope that this girl discovers his true feelings about her, and runs far, far away, because nobody deserves to date a prick like this.

Shallow Hal: Even if you have 1,000 followers?

You really have a problem.

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