Man Too Busy Playing PUBG That He Accidentally Drinks Acid & Dies

Playing online games can be a very intense experience, as I’m sure most of us have experienced before. No matter what game you play, like DOTA or League of Legends or maybe even Candy Crush, you’re in it to win it – it’s all or nothing.

When you’re serious about the game, nothing’s allowed to disrupt you too. Sometimes, some people even lock themselves up in a room without food and water for days just because they’re so engrossed in winning a certain raid.

Others, however, don’t pay attention to their surroundings at all in their quest to conquer and end up killing themselves not only in the game but also in real life.

PUBG Gone Wrong

Saurabh Yadav, a 20-year-old man from India, was on a train with his friend Santosh Sharma when he decided to engage in a game of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground), an extremely popular South Korean developed mobile gaming app.

Feeling thirsty during the two-hour train ride towards the city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh, Saurabh reached into his bag for a bottle of water, digging around for it.

He must not have taken his eyes off his phone screen while doing so, for he accidentally pulled out a bottle of acid instead of water from the bag and consumed it.

Why was there even acid in his bag, you ask?

His friend Santosh happens to be a jeweller, and he uses acid to polish jewellery for his work, so the bottle of acid was actually his.

Santosh claimed that at the time, he was sitting in a separate berth of the train from Saurabh, so he was unaware that his friend even drank the acid. He mentioned that Saurabh was very engrossed in his game and had headphones on as well, so he probably had no awareness of his surroundings.

After feeling a burning sensation in his throat immediately after taking a swig out of the acid bottle, Saurabh yelled for Santosh’s help after realising his mistake – but it was too late.

Pronounced Dead

As soon as the train arrived at Agra, Saurabh was pronounced dead by railway doctors. RIP.

Wrecked with grief, Saurabh’s family blamed Santosh for his death, accusing him of intentionally feeding him the acid. Poor Santosh was then booked by the police for culpable homicide.

Oh no.

The case is still being investigated.

Not The First Time

According to reports, this is the second time that someone’s accidentally consumed acid while playing PUBG in India, the first having happened in February.

Thankfully, that man survived after an operation, but left doctors shocked when he continued to play PUBG in his hospital bed. Wow, is he still not scared even after facing death once?

So don’t play play.

Be careful when you’re playing any games, and take note of your surroundings always!

Remember that it’s not worth it to risk your life just because of a game: you may always get a new life in there but you only have one life here.

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