Man Tried to Steal Durians, Heard Wild Boars & Then Injured Himself

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In case you have no idea, it’s illegal to go durian picking in local forests. So yes, this is the stealing we are talking about. And no, this is not a story about a durian seller sending his wild boar after a thief.


So, in accordance with the Parks and Trees Act, members of the public are not allowed to pick any samples from nature reserves, parks and any areas under the jurisdiction of NParks.

…Well, I’m pretty sure everyone’s still doing it anyway. But seriously though, try not to go into the forests alone. Wild boars aside, there is still a whole list of things that might go wrong when you’re exploring the forests.


(snake bites anyone?)

A quick search on google revealed an entire list of venomous snakes present in Singapore, and just so you know, the King Cobra’s on the list.

Anyway, just recently, a man was injured after encountering wild boars while picking durians at Rifle Range road.

And no, the wild boars didn’t tackle him or anything. Worried that he might be attacked by the wild boars, the man actually slipped and fell when he tried to run away.


The man received treatment at a hospital for his injuries.

Well, please just buy your durians from your local durian stalls. If you’re planning to pick durians in a forest just to save some money, think of the hospital bill if something were to happen to you.

And just so you know, the resulting injury from a wild boar attack is pretty gory. For the sake of the dinner inside your stomach, I shall refrain myself from posting the images here.


That being said, sightings of wild boars and wild boar attacks seem to be really prevalent these days(refer to image above please). Considering how a man was attacked by a wild boar outside a condominium in Hillview, it really does pay to be careful these days.


And don’t worry. Most of the time, wild animals will not attack you unless you provoke them first.

Basically, just don’t go waddling into a forest lah!

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