Man Shoves Packet Of Weed Up His Nose; Only Remembers It 18 Years Later

I get it. We all misplace our belongings once in a while. It’s totally normal.

For me, it’s my glasses. I always have trouble finding them… cause I’m not wearing them. I usually end up finding them after a few minutes of fumbling around with blurry vision.

Or maybe you’re someone who always misplaces their house keys. Like I said, totally normal.

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You’ll probably find it at the back of your couch or under some pillows. While others, like this man, find their lost items up their noses:

Man Who Shoved Packet Of Weed Up His Nose; Only Remembers It 18 Years Later

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To each their own right? Hey, I ain’t judging.

An Australian guy received a bag of weed from his girlfriend while he was in prison. No biggie right? Totally normal prison visit gifts.

He was 30 years old when the incident occurred. In order to hide it, he thought it would be a swell idea to shove it up his nose.

Yes, he stuffed the entire packet into his right nostril.

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So you must be wondering how this bright young lad forgot to take the packet of weed out for 18 YEARS.

How did he even breathe?

It was reported that he shoved the packet so high up his nose that he thought that he had snorted it.

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Okay, this guy must have a massive nasal cavity or something.

In reality, the packet was high up his nose and the area eventually “hardened and formed a scar”.

Went To The Doctor After Frequent Nose-related Issues

According to World Of Buzz, when an object in your nose hardens, you will no longer feel it if it’s that high up your nose. However, you might get ailments like headaches, leaky nose and nosebleeds more often.

Image: Lobak Merah

Yeap, this man suffered through all of these for 18 long years and after much pain, he went to the doctor and complained of a sinus issue.

The doctor then performed a CT scan to find out that he had an abnormally shaped object up his nose and told him.

Which is the moment we have been waiting for: He finally remembered that he had shoved a packet of marijuana up his nose some 18 years ago.

Image: Lobak Merah

The doctor finally had it removed and the wound has since fully healed. Phew. Crisis averted, eh?


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