Man Who Was Caught Filming in Tampines Female Toilet Lost GF & Job; Also Jailed for 12 Weeks

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We all know that Yishun is hailed to be the place where most weird, disturbing or violent incidents happen.

But this takes the attention away from many other regions in Singapore that are perhaps equally dangerous; incidents don’t just happen in one concentrated area, after all.

Case in point: a violation of modesty at Tampines a day after Christmas last year. Did the man decide to do the unholiest thing simply because it’s a holy day?

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Let’s dredge up this disturbing incident once again in light of his recent sentence to 12 weeks in jail.

A Man’s Descent into The Female Toilet

His game plan involved sending his unknowing friend back home so that nobody will question his hour-long bladder problems, before heading to the men’s toilet.

He would then casually enter the female toilet a few minutes after leaving the men’s, and proceed to camp there for an hour (or more, if he didn’t get caught).

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After locking himself up in a cubicle, he would discreetly film women who went into the adjacent cubicle.

Conveniently for him, there were only two cubicles that could be used, and he took one up. Now there wouldn’t be any trouble choosing between women to film.

He could capture them all.

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After around 15 minutes of successful videos detailing thighs and underwear, he left the toilet, probably to get water because he’s clearly really thirsty. But the videos weren’t enough, because he returned a while later.


Unfortunately for him, his next group of victims exposed his plan. In the group of friends filmed, one of his videos caught the woman’s face — perhaps he stuck his phone out too obviously, as he was immediately called out.

Like the thick-skinned person that he is, he exited the cubicle uttering empty apologies. After claiming to the woman that he had deleted her videos, he bid the group Merry Christmas and asked to be let off.

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How exactly will that make him seem less of a pervert than he is?

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According to the victim’s Facebook post which has since been taken down, he tried to “manhandle” them when they refused to let him escape, but was eventually captured and taken to the police.

So he’s not only a pervert, but also potentially violent?

Upon accessing the videos herself, the victim found over ten videos in the approximate span of an hour.

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Imagine the number of videos he would have had if he managed this during the peak hour.

By the law, perverts can be sentenced up to a year; but he was only sentenced to three months after pleading guilty. While that may seem relatively light, the police officers that came to the scene that day apparently told the victims that the pervert may even be let off.

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That shouldn’t be legal.


Thankfully, he wasn’t let off.

He was slapped with a twelve-week jail term.

He had pleaded guilty to one count of trespassing into the female toilet and four counts of insulting women’s modesty.

For insulting the modesty of a woman, he could be given a jail term of up to one year, fined, or both.

And for criminal trespassing, he could be slapped with a jail term of up to three months, a fine of up to S$1,500, or both.


His lawyer had asked for a nine-week jail term. He said that his client has lost his girlfriend and his job.

In addition, he also received online abuse.

It was added that Fang was “genuinely remorseful” about what he did and was “intoxicated” when he committed the crime.

While worldwide attention is on Korea and their toilet spy cams, we need to remember that Singaporeans are as prone to the violation as any other country. So the next time we enter toilet cubicles, let’s remember to look out for a camera as well!