Woman Who’s Trapped in Toilet at 2:30am Rescued by SCDF Officers


Getting trapped in the toilet for two hours straight definitely isn’t how anyone wants to spend their night.

Local singer-songwriter Yanni Ruth Chin, better known as “Yan”, posted a TikTok video on Monday (12 Sept), chronicling the toilet trap incident involving her friend Mandy.

The video is aptly titled: “Up Close With Yan, 2 Hours 2 Long ft. SCDF”.

What Happened

The TikTok starts off with Yan explaining the situation.

Yan explains that it was 2:30am in the morning, and Mandy had been trapped in the toilet for one hour, going two.


Thank u @Singapore Civil Defence Force for letting Mandy sleep on the bed tonight ❤️ #scdfsg #ourheroes #SCDF #Singapore #tiktoksg #stuckintoilet

♬ Comedy (Funny Playful Tuba Pizzicato Clown Music) – Eliosmusic

They have exhausted all of their means: they tried opening the door from both inside and outside, then they removed the door handle but the door still won’t budge.

The camera perspective also shifts to the door handle that is in pieces on the floor, and you can catch a fleeting glimpse of the screwdriver that they used.

Yan said, “We just called SCDF because we really, really can’t open the door, [and we] really need to rescue Mandy because she has no food.”

She joked that Mandy had “drinks” at least, by which she meant tap water.

While they were waiting for help to arrive, Yan played the blind taste test with Mandy.

Image: tiktok.com (@pootpootyan)

She brought out a packet of ice lemon tea and stuck the straw through the newly made hole.

“Can you guess what this is?” she asked.

Mandy guesses it correctly, before saying that she won’t be brushing her teeth.

The perspective cuts to Yan wiping her nose, and the following clip shows that she and their other friend, Tiffany, aren’t doing much better either.

Yan is having a very bad sinus, while Tiffany is fighting a terrible headache.

They just want to go to bed and sleep off their sickness, but they can’t.

SCDF To The Rescue

The SCDF prove to be the heroes of the night, as they manage to pry open the door in less than 10 seconds.

The funniest part of the video is probably the girls’ breathless laughter after the door is opened, as if they are relieved and yet in hysterics about the fact that they could have called the emergency services earlier instead of struggling on their own for two full hours.

Once Mandy steps out of the toilet, Tiffany said, “Welcome back.”

“It was two long hours,” said Mandy, her bath towel wrapped around her neck.

On the brighter side of things, her hair is already dry after the long wait.

The video ends with words of gratitude for the SCDF: “Thank you SCDF for rescuing Mandy out of the toilet, she can sleep on the bed tonight because of you guys.”

Netizens’ Response

As expected, some netizens found humour in the situation.

Others pointed out that emergency services should not be wasted on small matters like these and asked why they didn’t call for a locksmith instead.

Because, you know, that’s their job.

In reply to the comment, Yan wrote that they did contact the locksmith, several in fact, but they were either non-responsive, or they said they would take an hour or two.


It was also 2:30am in the morning, to be fair to the girls.

Although the night was late, it ended on a decent note, with perhaps some warranted wariness for old doors and malfunctioning locks.

Hopefully the SCDF won’t bill them for this incident.

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Featured Image: TikTok (@pootpootyan)