M’sia Mall Put Mannequins on Seats So People Won’t Sit Together; Also Serve as Advertisements for Clothing Brands

Are you a single male looking for model-like female companionship on your routine shopping breaks?

Image: Meme Generator

Because if you are, I’ve just the lobang for you.

These females exude the most feminine of appeal, and have been structured to sit and behave in the most gracious manner. At no point in time will they interrupt your critical ‘shopping break thoughts’ either, as they’re generally quiet individuals unless it’s a horror movie.

They desire nothing more than your grandiose company, and are content to sit still till the end of time, waiting for you to finish your daily shopping trips. And the best part of it?

They’re completely free, and are even interchangeable!

Image: Giphy

Now I bet you’re wondering; where on earth can one find such a bevy of women without having to face the death sentence? Well, lest you’re wondering that…

Sunway Pyramid has the answer you’re looking for.

M’sia Mall Put Mannequins on Seats So People Won’t Sit Together

In a bid to encourage social distancing in the immediate vicinity, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall has situated mannequins on its benches so that only one person will be seated at any time.

Image: Facebook (Sunway Pyramid)

The mannequins come in various postures and hair colours, and are dressed in different clothing brands, which means they also serve as an advertising model for the brands.

Image: Facebook (Sunway Pyramid)

According to the Facebook page, the mannequins are also sanitised frequently to ensure optimal protection to anyone sitting on the bench.

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You can view the original Facebook post down below:

Conflicted Feelings

While the mannequins might’ve come as a positive revelation to some…

Image: Facebook (Sunway Pyramid)

They have also attracted the furore of others who denounced the models as a senseless, potentially contagious addition.

Image: Facebook (Sunway Pyramid)
Image: Facebook (Sunway Pyramid)

There were even those who considered the mannequins “creepy”.

Image: Facebook (Sunway Pyramid)

And one Netizen even posted an on-the-scene photo, saying that they were “scary”.

Image: Facebook (Sunway Pyramid)

Some have also predicted that the clothes and shoes will be gone within a week, and that the mannequins themselves might go “missing”.

Well, this isn’t a horror movie, so the only scenario in which they go missing is when someone becomes too attached to them. 

Non literally.

“But…” Reader Bao said. “What if they start moving and all while you’re resting or taking a photo with them?”

What’s scarier: COVID-19 or ghosts?


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