Show Luo Might Be Single Now As Influencer Girlfriend Posted Emo Message on Social Media

The world we live in today allows us to be extremely informed about the otherwise private lives of others.

Nowadays, when people feel turmoil in their relationships or private lives, they often turn to social media to either vent it out or find some form of release.

And as curious beings, some of us tend to be very interested in the lives of others, especially if you’re a celebrity.

Like Show Luo.

Show Luo Might Be Single Now

There have been rumours permeating the internet world regarding Taiwanese singer Show Luo and his girlfriend, Chinese blogger Grace Chow.

Rumour has it that they’ve broken up.

Image: Pinterest

This came after Detective Sherlock Holmes-esque netizens realised that the couple has not been interacting with each other on social media.


Especially since social media is the only way in which celebrity couples communicate with each other these days. Because if it never happens online, it never happens.

Show’s management has been keeping mum about the whole situation too.

In fact, the management has released a statement that kinda told the public, not to kaypoh. The statement said that they, “do not comment on (their) artiste’s personal affairs.”

Netizens Got To The Bottom Of Things Themselves

However, netizens were not ready to let it go.

In fact, they decided to get to the bottom of things themselves and successfully unearthed the influencer’s private Weibo account (isn’t this a little creepy and intrusive) where they found what could potentially be the puzzle piece that was missing in this mystery:

An emotional post that seemed to hint that the celebrity couple had broken up.

Image: Weibo

This is what Grace allegedly wrote in her private Weibo account in English:

Everything is mutual.

You all always say that I’ve given you positive energy (even though I don’t know what positive energy I’ve brought you guys apart from posting photos and sharing my thoughts).
but in the past couple of days, my inbox has been filled with positive energy, just like how I feel when I’m cuddling my cats.

I feel the happiest these couple of days when I look at my private account’s inbox.

I read every single message.

Every time I finish reading them, I feel much better because I’m filled with positive energy.

I love you guys.

Why am I so emotional at night?


Netizens Think That They’ve Broken Up

This post has led netizens to speculate that Show and Grace have indeed called it quits.

However, some others thought that it might just be some random negative thoughts that may or may not be referencing their relationship.

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Plus, it isn’t the first time that Grace has been posting similar emo posts like “many girls are left out, ignored, and disappointed in this world” and “emotionally hurt girls will meet very good boys” long before there were any rumours about them breaking up.

At the end of the day, the truth will reveal itself so sit tight while we wait for that to happen.

And here’s a lesson to those people who like to live an emo life online: don’t anyhowly write things online. People would draw conclusions that might lead to…rumours like this.



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