Man’s Decision to Sleep 5 More Min Saved His Life


Get ready for an unbelievable story because this is going to sound like a deleted scene from reverse-final-destination. You know, ‘cos Final Destination has people dying from needlessly complicated Rube-Goldberg-machine type accidents, and this one has the complete opposite…

Anyway. Meet Raymond Bowling, a man living in Indiana, USA. This man decided to one day do something most people familiar with the snooze button do and smash that button for some sweet, sweet extra sleep.


Apparently, this man had never done that before in his life.

And what a message the powers-that-be sent him, to show him the light. Or the snooze button, for that matter.

On the morning he decided to give in to temptation and taste the forbidden fruit of the snooze button, a massive branch pierced his bathroom ceiling. If you see just how exactly the branch fell, it might convince you of some supernatural shenanigans.


Yeah, that happened. The branch went through the ceiling straight down, right where Raymond would have been standing for his morning routine. According to him, the branch came down just minutes before the snooze went off again, proving that sometimes, it is divine will for me to laze in my bed for a few more minutes, mom.

It’s a mystery how exactly the branch ended up there, although a storm warning was issued in the area later that day. Score one for the late risers!

Remember this, the next time you’re deciding whether to press that snooze. You wouldn’t know, maybe you’ll escape a giant tree branch if you just slept in for a little longer.


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