Mark Lee Responds to Ah Girls Go Army & Says Why Jack Neo’s Recent Movies Haven’t Been Good


Unless you’ve been living a cave, you’d have heard of Ah Girls Go Army.

Unlike Ah Boys to Men, which not only sparked the careers of its cast and started a lucrative franchise, Ah Girls Go Army is kind of…forgotten.

You can watch this video to know more about why it could’ve failed to meet our expectations:

However, Mark Lee has another theory.

Talking About Jack Neo’s Movies

The Star Voice is a talent hunt competition where contestants compete for the chance to become a radio DJ for Mediacorp.

After weeks of intense competition, audio-visual journalist Jeff Tan was announced as the winner three days ago.

And in the finals, Jeff was tasked to interview Mark Lee, who’s also a DJ in the highly popular morning programme in Love 972FM, The Breakfast Quartet.

The interview started innocuously; Jeff asked Mark about his family life and also his talent management company.

Then he addressed the elephant in the room: He wanted to know more about Jack Neo and his movies. He asked Mark Lee if he would give any feedback to Jack Neo should he watch a bad movie by him.

Before Jeff could say anything, Mark Lee immediately cut in, saying, “Are you talking about Ah Girls Go Army?

That opened a big can of worms.

Jeff handled the response well, cracking jokes and laughing off things he knew would offend Jack Neo, but Mark Lee didn’t mince his words.

He said that in this industry, sometimes, people have to bootlick and say untruths just to get by.

However, for Jack Neo, he didn’t bootlick him; instead, Mark Lee claimed that he had to be honest with Jack Neo and would give him real feedback.

And then, he said that was why Jack Neo’s recent works haven’t been showing much improvement…because he hasn’t been giving feedback.


Whether he was joking or being serious, it’s unknown as he said it with a rather poker face.

You can watch the interview here:

Was There Really No Improvement?

The first Ah Girls Go Army movie has a budget of $2 million, and has brought in about $2.5 million.

Conversely, Ah Boys to Men has a budget of $3 million for its first and second part, and has a box office of $6.3 million.


I Not Stupid, released back in 2002, has a budget of $1 million, and grossed $3.8 million in four months just in Singapore. When its VCD was released, it also became the “No. 1 selling VCD in Singapore”.

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Featured Image: YouTube (Mediacorp Entertainment)