Volunteer Who Distributes Masks Reveals The Ugly Side of S’poreans; Claims Some Rich People Unappreciative

You’d have known that every Singapore resident can get a free reusable cloth mask from the Government from 5 April 2020 to 12 April 2020.

And you’d have thought that everyone of us would be appreciative of that, since over in the US, people are called to use a scarf if need to instead of giving each person one for free.

But no; because while most of us are goody people who’d just take and go, ugly Singaporeans still exist.

And a volunteer just revealed this side of Singaporeans.

Volunteer Who Distributes Masks Reveals The Ugly Side of S’poreans

Meet Facebook user Chia Ti Yu: instead of lying on his bed on a Sunday morning, the man volunteered to help distribute reusable cloth masks to residents in Pasir Ris East Community Club.

And if you think he’d receive more thanks in a day than in his entire lifetime, you’re wrong.

Instead, he experienced the ugly side of Singaporeans.

Trick to Get More Masks

In one instance, he saw that a lady who took 8 masks (for people in her household) came back and claimed that the volunteers had only given her 6 masks instead.

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And instead of politely asking for 2 more (which she is, by the way, not entitled to as the volunteers allegedly clearly saw that she took 8 masks), she raised her voice at the volunteers.

Complaints About Quality

A wise old man once said, “Beggars can’t be choosers.”

But it seems like a man didn’t get the memo.

According to Chia, a man actually took the effort to come back after receiving the mask…just to complain that “the quality of the mask is not as good as those being sold in the market.”

I don’t know how Chia responded, but if it were me, I’d have lost it and say, “Then you buy those in the market lah.”

In fact, if you were to go online, you’d see people complaining about the quality too. However, to go up to the volunteers to say that is another level altogether liao seh.

People Who Complain Are Usually Wealthy

In an observation by Chia, he claims that people “who are not appreciative and nitpicking are generally those who are more affluent” (i.e. wealthy).

Well, maybe that’s why they’re wealthy lah; they have high standard for everything, even free stuff.

You can read Chia’s Facebook post here:

In the meantime, you can read more about this free mask collection here.


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