Man Invents Facemask That Has Lights That Can Show Your Mouth Action & Even Smile

Amidst these trying times, one single apparel has become an absolute must-have:

A face mask.

Granted, while routine face masks admittedly do little to protect you from airborne viruses, they do serve to prohibit potentially sick individuals from spreading germs.

Which still works in a way.

covid-19 doctor mask
Image: Facebook (Lianhe Zaobao Live Video)

And yet, there’s just one thing bothering me about it;

You’ve no idea whether the person behind the mask is talking or smiling.

So what if… they’re actually plotting something in front of your face?

Image: giphy

That might actually be even more intimidating than them doing it behind your back. Ironically.

But just as I was about to succumb to such terrifying thoughts, a man with the coolest face mask ever strode over.

“No worries,” said Tyler Glaiel. “Hold my beer. Oh and…


Man Invents Facemask That Has Lights That Can Show Your Mouth Action & Even Smile

On 26 May 2020, Twitter user Tyler Glaiel dropped an absolute revelation on the social media platform:

A face mask equipped with LED lights that displays your mouth gestures…

With a smile that goes ‘pop’.

In the 14-second long video, Glaiel showcases the mask’s various facial functions, such as how the mask ‘enunciates’ expressive gestures as he talks.

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Image: Twitter (TylerGlaie

“I have finished my face mask,” he says in the video.

“There are (is) no more wires, and I’m not carrying anything in my pocket.

“It’s entirely based off the micro battery right here,” he says, gesturing to the chin area of his mask.

“And… I can make it smile.”

He then ends with a smooth ‘pop’ that results in a retro-style smile.

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Image: Twitter (TylerGlaiel)

Keen to win that reluctant shop owner over for a hefty discount?

Time to flash that smile.


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As if the revelation of an actual voice-activated LED smiling Face mask wasn’t pleasant enough, Galiel then went on to reveal the wiring and code for his tech invention in the comments section…

Alongside a full DIY guide so that you, a coveted Internet traveler, can go around in real life making random popping sounds too.

Image: Twitter (TylerGlaiel)
Image: Twitter (TylerGlaiel)

Well, it looks like there’s something new for all those bored with games and Zoom. Though some, like me, would prefer a more ‘convenient’ option:

Image: Twitter (TylerGlaiel)

Because in the end… not everyone is a Rick.

Some, like me, would be more of a Morty.

Image: Reddit

As such, I’ll just sit here and wait for the latest line of voice-activated LED face masks to start dropping on online market platforms.

Maybe I’ll be able to wear one and haggle with the local aunty over the price of Hush Puppies underwear, before this epidemic is over.

You can view the original Twitter video down below:


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