Everything About the Mass Shooting in a Thailand Childcare Centre That is Known So Far


Just today (6 October), a mass shooting occurred in Nong Bua Lam Phu, a province in the northeastern part of Thailand.

The shooter, a 34-year-old man named Panya Kamrab, has since been announced to be dead.

Here’s everything that’s been announced thus far.

Over 30 People Were Killed

Based on the current tally by the Thai police, 34 people ended up being killed due to this mass shooting.

Among the 34 people are 22 children and other staff members such as teachers of the childcare.

When speaking to Reuters, Thai district official Jidapa Boonsom revealed that the gunman had first shot either four or five staff members of the childcare centre.

He then proceeded to kill the children with his knife by breaking his way through into a locked room where the children were asleep.

Apart from his gun and knife, he allegedly had a pistol in his possession as well.

One of the teachers who was attacked was eight months pregnant.

He added that those at the centre initially thought that fireworks had gone off when they heard the loud noises.

After the incident, videos of sheets covering what seemed like the children’s bloody bodies in the town of Uthai Sawan were also circulated on social media.

Shooting Happened During Nap Time

Additionally, local police and officials also confirmed that the shooting happened at a childcare centre during the children’s nap time.

More specifically, the shooter entered the centre at around 12.30pm when the children were asleep.

Shooter Fled Scene in White Pick-up

After shooting the children and staff members of the childcare centre, Kamrab apparently fled the scene by driving off in a white-coloured four-door Toyota pick-up truck.

According to the police, the truck had Bangkok registration plates.

After receiving the news that he had fled, the Thai police released an announcement urging for members of the public to remain in safe spaces while the police started a manhunt for the gunman.


Killed Wife, Child and Self After Returning Home

However, after the manhunt started, the Central Investigation Bureau in Thailand announced the death of the gunman.

Based on reports by Daily News, a Thai newspaper, the gunman had apparently gone back home after the attack.

Thereafter, he killed his wife and child before killing himself.

Gunman Was Former Policeman Who Was Recently Fired, Has Drug Addiction Problem

The police also revealed that Panya Kamrab, the attacker, used to be a policeman.

Maj Gen Paisan Leusomboon, the deputy police commissioner, told Thai channel PPTV HD 36 that Kamrab was an ex-police officer who was recently dismissed from his job.


According to him, Kamrab struggled with issues related to drug addiction.

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Mass Shootings are Not Common in Thailand

Even though the rate of gun ownership in Thailand is higher than that of other countries in the area, mass shootings are not a common occurrence in Thailand.

In 2020, a soldier killed at least 29 people and injured 57 after firing shots at four different locations.

He did so due to being angry over an unsuccessful property deal.

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Featured Image: Facebook & Central Investigation Bureau (Thailand)