10 Psychological Tricks That Can Influence or ‘Control’ Other People Easily


Last Updated on 2021-05-05 , 4:44 pm

Or How To Be An Influencer 101.

Have you ever wanted to mess with a person’s mind just to show how much of a ‘mind hacker’ you are?

Or you simply just want to find out something from the person?

These 10 psychology tricks may end up not only enabling to pick up a skill or two, but it could positively affect your communication skills in one way or another!

If you prefer to watch these “hacks” instead, here’s a video we’ve done for this topic:

Is He Or She Looking At You?

If you suspect someone is looking at you, or you simply just want to see if the eye candy in the room is glancing at you, just yawn and look around. If the person is looking at you, he or she will yawn too, as yawning is highly contagious.

Getting A Pack Mule

If you want someone to help you carry something, just carry on a casual conversation with him/her and hand them the item during the conversation.

They are most likely to subconsciously take the item without even realising it. This would not work on people who are more attentive to their surroundings and people who are not that close to you.

Getting People To Say ‘Yes’ To Your Request

Another way to get someone to help you to do stuff is to start off your phrase with ‘I need your help….’ People would hate the feeling guilty and they are less likely to refuse.

But don’t go around borrowing money or asking for huge favours with this trick or you will end up with people having a bad impression on you.

How To Be A Great Listener

When you’re listening to your friend talk about something, paraphrase it and say it again.

This would subconsciously give your friend the feeling that you’re a great listener. But don’t overdo it to the extent that he/she feels that you’re correcting their grammar.

Getting People To Agree To Something They Dislike

Here’s a great trick for the parents. When you want your kids to eat something they don’t like, like broccoli, ask if they want two or five stalks of broccoli.

This way, you’ve made up their mind for them to have broccoli, and the decision lies in how many stalks instead.

Getting Rid of An Annoying Song

If there’s a certain song that you don’t particularly like, but it is stuck in your head, try to think of the end of the song.


According to the Zeigarnik effect, our brain tends to remember the things we’ve left unfinished.

So next time you find yourself with an annoying song stuck in your head, think of the end of the song you’re most likely to get it out of your head.

Getting Agreement From Everybody

If you want people to agree to you, just nod while you’re talking. By doing so, you give the listeners a sign that ‘everything you’re saying is true’.

Following social behaviour patterns, people would tend to nod back as well.

How To Be Taken Seriously

When you want people to take your words seriously, tell them your father taught you this.


People would tend to believe parents’ advice naturally. Again, don’t overdo it or people would start to have a bad impression of your parents.

Win At Life

To become a champion at ‘Rock, paper, scissors’, right before playing it, ask your opponent a random question.

Throw them off by getting them confused and most likely they will throw a ‘scissors’.

Does He Like Me?

To find out if a person likes you, pick a word/phrase. Every time he/she uses this word/phrase, nod and smile at them.

If he/she likes you, they will start using the word more frequently.

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