Ah Boys To Men Star Maxi Lim Has Baby Boy & He’s Already An Influencer

If you’ve watched the hit local film Ah Boys To Men, you may recognise this person.

Image: Cinema Online

Of course, this is the Wayang King, aka Maxi Lim.

You may have remembered that back in February, the actor proposed to his influencer girlfriend Lizy Teo.

During a shoot for one of Jian Hao Tan’s videos, Maxi disguised himself in a Star Wars outfit before going down on one knee to propose.

The proposal came as a surprise, but one that Lizy accepted easily.

Now, fast forward a few months and it seems new developments to the story are here

Ah Boy To Ah Pa

On 17 April this year, the couple announced that they were expecting a child.

And just a few days ago on 29 August, they welcomed Reign Lim into the world.

Baby Name and Instagram

According to Maxi, they chose the name Reign back in July.

However, that actually wasn’t his initial name choice for a good while.

“Prior to Reign, we had an inside joke to name him Ethan.”

He said it was supposed to be a pun on the word ‘eaten’, the ‘EatB’, a catchphrase Maxi common uses which stands for “Eat Bro”.

Maxi also says that Reign has a good meaning in the bible, as it reminds God to have a reign over his life.

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In fact, the couple were so excited that they even created an Instagram page for baby Regin even during Lizy’s pregnancy.

As of this writing, the page already has over 4900 followers.

And if you think this celebration is just restricted to the couple, a surprise guest has also come to visit Reign as well.

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Noah Yap, Maxi’s Ah Boy’s To Men co-star, also posted a congrats picture with Reign and Maxi.

In his post, Noah states that he ‘nearly cried’ upon seeing the baby and would like to be known as the fun uncle.


First To Have Child But Not The First To Propose

On the topic of Ah Boy’s To Men actors, let’s not forget that Maxi was the second ah boy to propose to their partners.

Back in December 2019, actor Joshua Tan also proposed to his girlfriend, Zoen Tay.

In fact, both proposals turned pretty similar since Joshua too proposed to his fiancee mid-shoot, albeit a photoshoot.

The two plan to get married after Zoen finishes university.

Image: Giphy

Once again, congrats to Maxi and Lizy. We hope Reign brings them much happiness in the years to come.

While this couple stayed happy together, we can’t say the same for another couple who were caught breaching Covid-19 rules.


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