2 People Have a Kindergarten-Style Fight in MBS Foodcourt Over a Cough That’s Covered with Hand

Covid-19 has probably made all of us warier of our surroundings. The smallest cough might catch your attention, and you may find yourself refraining from touching anything as much as you can.

And while all of that is perfectly understandable since none of us wants to get infected with the nasty coronavirus, there is a fine line between being cautious and being disrespectful.

Heated Argument At MBS Foodcourt Over A Cough

It’s actually how surprising how the smallest of issues can lead to a huge fight.

A man and a woman started fighting like kindergarten children after one of them heard the other coughing, in a food court at Marina Bay Sands.

It’s strange how the simple act of coughing in public, which would have just been ignored a few months ago, will now make people turn away from you.

I once let out a cough by accident while on an MRT train and ended up receiving dirty looks and stares from those around me.

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According to Stomp, the man involved in the fight submitted a story himself to explain what had happened and he also provided a video that he had recorded while he was arguing with the woman.

So here’s what happened:

On 22 Feb, around 1.30pm, a man was enjoying his meal at Rasapura Masters when he let out a cough. This pissed off a woman who was sitting near him.

“I was coughing with my mouth covered, but was facing the woman’s seat,” he said.

“At first, the woman changed her seat position, from having her back towards me to face-to-face. She then used a fan to fan over in my friend’s direction.”

According to him, the dispute began when she started swearing at him.

“She said’ f*** you’ first. I asked her how she was going to do f*** me when she didn’t even have a ****,” he said to Stomp.

Okay, maybe not kindergarten. They sound more like a pair of 12-year-old kids. 

“I started taking a video after she scolded me.”

Woman Dropped His Phone & Called The Police

The man said that she then walked over to their table to try and harass his friend, and also flipped his phone and dropped it in the process.

He can be heard calling her a b**** a few times in the video, and he was also challenging her to hit him.

After his phone drops to the floor, he picks it up and tells her to “shut up”, also adding that his phone is cracked because of her.

Image: Stomp

The woman pulls out her own phone to take a photo/video after a while as well, and at this point a staff member can be seen beside them, trying to resolve the argument.

However, he is just ignored by the two of them, and they continue to bicker over his voice.

Image: Stomp

The video ends with the woman telling the man not to leave, as she had already called the police by then and they were on their way. To this, the man responds with “I won’t go away, I’ll wait for you [the] whole day. B****.”

According to Stomp, the police said that they were alerted to a case of mischief and intentional harassment at 8 Bayfront Avenue at 1.32pm. They advised the parties involved in the dispute upon their arrival and no further police assistance was required.

While it is totally okay to be more cautious of your surroundings and who you interact with during this time, it is definitely still important to treat those around us with respect.


After all, we don’t need the coronavirus to turn people against each other, on top of all the other damage it has already done.


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