WHO Told People to ‘Dab’ When Coughing Or Sneezing; Netizens Impressed With WHO’s Sense of Humour

Whenever my boss tries to act cool in the office and dab, all the young people go, boo, that’s so yesterday.

Well, as it turns out, dabbing might not be as “yesterday” as we think it might be.

Because the World Health Organisation (WHO) has decreed it to be the coolest move today.

WHO Says People Who Cough Or Sneeze Should Dab

Because of Covid-19, everybody knows who the World Health Organisation (WHO) is.

They’re the world authority on health matters, including Covid-19, diabetes and other ailments of mankind.

And on 14 Feb, they told the world to be ready to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

How? By dabbing.

  • Dab when you cough.
  • Dab when you sneeze.
  • To beat the #coronavirus, dab.

And the world went crazy.

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Netizens’ Reactions

Some folks wondered if the WHO Facebook page was hacked.

Image: Facebook (WHO)

While others simply couldn’t believe their minds.

Image: Facebook (WHO)

Of course, there are always those trendy youngsters who couldn’t resist pointing out how WHO is so “backwards’.

Image: Facebook (WHO)

But most were just tickled.

Image: Facebook (WHO)

One dude did applaud WHO for their latest way to connect with the kids.

Image: Facebook (WHO)

Not sure if he’s working for WHO.

But Jokes Aside

Dabbing when you’re about to cough and sneeze is a legit way to deal with the Covid-19.

When you’re in public and you don’t have a tissue or mask on hand, sneeze and cough into your elbows instead of into your hands.

Then as soon as you possibly can, wash your elbows with soap and water at the nearest washroom.

Why Not Hands, Then?

Then you ask, I’m going to wash my hands too, what. Why can’t I do that into my hands?

That’s because compared to your elbow, your hands come into contact with external surfaces a lot more.

Things like opening doors, holding your mobile phone, getting a cup of coffee, taking money out of your wallet, etc.

Which means more germs and bacteria are going to land on surfaces compared to your elbows.

Image: Giphy

And why is dabbing the coolest move today?

Because it looks cool and it saves lives. So much better than getting out of a moving car and dancing on the road, don’t cha think?

Dab when you cough, dab when you sneeze; and don’t forget, dabbing beats Coveeed~

Reader Bao: Just stick to writing boring articles, your lyrics cannot make it.

Sh-Shut up!


Oh, and remember, if you’re not feeling well, go see a doctor immediately (with a mask on).


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