Police Now Investigating Woman Who Refused to Wear a Mask at MBS; Has Been Caught Without Masks Several Times

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Let’s face it – There are just some people in Singapore who are more stubborn than a mule.

But during a time when community cases are on the rise and people are – once again – cleaning out shelves of daily essentials at the supermarket, these incidences perhaps aren’t as funny as it may seem.

Caught arguing with the Safe Distancing Ambassador at MBS

Last evening (15 May), a 53-year-old woman was spotted maskless at Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

Despite multiple requests by a very patient safe distancing ambassador (SDA), she still refused to wear her mask… which she held tightly, albeit folded, in her hands as seen in the viral video captured by an eye-witness.

The woman is questioning the authority of the SDA and who she represents.

Although the SDA calmly replied that she works for MBS, the “Karen” refused to believe her and kept asking for a “badge”.

“If you have no badge, why are you asking me to do something? Who are you representing?”

Since she only responds to people with badges, I guess these two police officers in full uniforms, but most importantly with their badges, would do the trick perfectly.

Now, of course, you can see that she’s not wearing the same clothes, which means…

A Repeat Offender

From two other videos that went viral alongside the one from MBS, the same woman can be seen shopping for groceries at Vivocity as well as trying to enter Clark Quay Central while being maskless.

In the latter, the same woman can be heard (and seen) arguing with the staff there who are just doing their jobs to make sure everyone adheres to the COVID-19 measures set by the government.

Funnily enough, she used the same technique and questioned the authority of the staff of the mall.

“Do you represent Central Mall? Show me the card that says that you represent Central Mall.”

This is the kind of person who would say a robbery isn’t in progress despite the balaclavas, the parangs, and the burlap bags that the bankers are filling up with cash at the behest of the robbers just because the robbers didn’t hold up a card saying that “this is a robbery”.


There are consequences to breaking the law

Based on the COVID-19 Regulations imposed by the government, people that are found not wearing a mask (at all or properly) outside their place of residence can be charged.

If convicted, they can be jailed for up to six months, or get a hefty S$10,000 fine, or both.

In this woman’s case, she can also be charged for causing a public nuisance, which if found guilty, brings a jail sentence of up to three months, a S$2,000 fine, or both.

And in case you think, “alamak masks only mah, don’t need so serious lah,” you should watch this video to the end and see how a maskless fellow could create an outbreak easily:

Featured Image: Facebook (AlEx ThAm)

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