McDonald’s Launching Coconut-Flavoured Soft-Serve Ice Cream on 29 May; Will Be Giving Out 500 Free Cones


Last Updated on 2023-05-30 , 10:23 am

Calling all the foodies who loves coconut in Singapore.

McDonald’s Singapore is introducing a new coconut soft-serve ice cream cone.

And as an opening promotion, it is giving out some free cones if you do a simple task.

Here is the scoop on the new flavour hitting our shores soon.

McDonald’s Is Offering a New Coconut Ice Cream Flavour

McDonald’s just introduced the new Jjang! Jjang! Beef Burger and Jjang! Jjang! Chicken Burger, but its R&D into new food items does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

After all, how can it stop trying out new products when it managed to come up with hits such as the seaweed shaker fries?


This time, the new kid on the block is a coconut soft serve ice cream.

One Instagram user, @iamkennethlee, shared his thoughts about the new flavour after trying it out ahead of its launch on 29 May.


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A post shared by KENNETH LEE (@iamkennethlee)

The caption of his post stated that the ice cream was “deliciously refreshing” and he could not “stop at one. In fact, the on-screen captions in the video showed that he had up to four cones in one sitting.


The video also elaborates on the “smooth” ice cream, which is supposed to taste like “legit coconut”, and there is a far cry from “artificial coconut flavoured syrups or jellies”.

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You Can Get a Free Coconut Ice Cream if You Are Fast Enough

The good news does not stop there. To celebrate the launch of the new flavour, McDonald’s will be giving away limited quantities of their Coconut Cones.

A Facebook post from McDonald’s shows that redeeming this free cone is relatively easy; you just need to be fast.

You have to snap a picture of “any coconut product receipt” you have. Then, post it on Instagram via a story and tag the account @mcdsg. Your account has to be public to take part in this contest.

And that’s it. The team will slide into your DMs with a promo code from 11 am on 29 May 2023 if you win the free cone.

The only catch is that this giveaway will be for the first 500 people who successfully complete the task.

So what are you waiting for? Find your coconut product receipt and get ready to tag McDonald’s on Instagram.

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