McDonald’s S’pore Inspired House is Perfect for People Who Just Realised How Much They Love Them


We have seen how Singaporeans survived without McDonald’s.

Let’s us say… that it was a mess.

We struggled every breakfast. McBreakfast was not there to kick start our day with happiness. Our lonely nights were no longer comforted with nuggets and fries.

I mean, how did we even survive it?

When McDonald’s reopened on the first day, they had to close early due to overwhelming demand. Everyone was rushing to their nearest stores to satisfy their cravings.

Even until today, it’s difficult to order a McDonald’s meal with GrabFood. Just tried this afternoon, just failed this afternoon.

Well, there is no doubt that Singaporeans love McDonald’s. But just how much do we love it?


Do you love it to the extent where you would transform your whole house just to look like you’ve stepped into a McDonald’s outlet itself?

If your answer is a resounding yes, then you, my friend, would be perfect to live in this house.

McDonald’s S’pore Inspired House For Ultimate Fans Like You

Introducing McDonald’s Singapore Inspired House. Trust me, you’re gonna like it a lot.

First up, we have our living room. The walls are covered with a huge signature yellow “M”, symbolising the presence of McDonald’s in your house.


You know you get excited whenever you see this symbol. Even the cushions and the tables are coloured yellow red and black, the classic colours of McDonald’s.

Surprisingly, the whole space looks pretty cosy; it doesn’t look tacky at all, even with the bright colours.

Image: Facebook (FIF Singapore)

Next up, we have the study room. look at the colour coordination, the colour theme of yellow, black and red just fits in so nicely together. If that doesn’t scream McDonald’s to you, I don’t know what will.

Image: Facebook (FIF Singapore)

Now we’re onto the best parts of the house. From the kitchen to the dining table, it resembles the interior of McDonald’s perfectly.

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We see the signature advertisement of McDonald’s with the green walls, as well as the yellow sofa chair contrasted with the red background at the back.

There are even posters of McDonald’s drinks hanging on the red wall.

Image: Facebook (FIF Singapore)

Doesn’t this part of the house echos the feeling of eating in McDonald’s to you?

Image: Facebook (FIF Singapore)

Can’t tell the difference seh:


If you want to feel like you’re at McDonald’s every day at home and you just can’t get enough of them, perhaps its time to do a makeover in your own house.

Credit goes to FIF Singapore, a furniture studio, for doing this interior design, and do check them out for the rest of the designs below:


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