Man Who Found McNugget Replacement Has Found a Replacement for MCD’s Sausage Patties

Tired of queuing at McDonald’s?

Don’t want to wait for your delivery only to risk your orders getting messed up again?

Just want to eat 20 Sausage patties without going through the trouble of ordering McMuffin without muffin?

The guy who found the frozen nuggets that taste 98% like McNugget and fries that tastes 99% like McDonald’s fries has spoken (again).

Going by the logic that he first found 98%, and then 99%, you might have thought that this time, it will be 100%.

But I have to disappoint you…

99% Similarity To McDonald’s Chicken Sausage Patties

Image: Knowyourmeme

It’s almost 100%… almost!

In the McNugget Man’s newest post, he revealed the best replacement for the sausage patties McDonald’s used for Big Breakfast and McMuffins after trying a few brands.

Yes, I know he calls himself the Rice Cooker Man. But if he really wanted to be known as the Rice Cooker Man then maybe he should have made a Rice Cooker McDonald’s copycat recipe instead.

He will always be the McNugget Man in my heart.

So, what patty are we talking about?


Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)

Bibik’s appear to be the brand here… what’s this? “Fingers Licking”… and is that what looks like a “G”? Is this a KFC ploy to drive McDonald’s sales away?

Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)

Anyway, the McNugget Man bought a McMuffin to compare the taste, and said that Bibik’s Choice Chicken Patties has 99% similarities to McDonald’s Chicken Sausage patties.

Image: Facebook (Leslie Koh)

Seasonings also resemble the ones from McDonald’s. The colour difference is because he lightly toasted his, but McDonald’s is grilled.

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Approved With 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

We don’t really know how many thumbs up is the max, but we’re assuming that’s good.

For reference, he approved the Freezepak nuggets with 👍🏽👍🏽 and Farmland fries with 5/5.

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Bibik’s Choice Chicken Patties can be bought at NTUC for S$10.80 per 1kg pack and contains about 22 patties.

He reminds y’all not to hoard.

“As usual, please don’t hoard.
Share the love with others ❤️”

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But too late, Mr McNugget Man. Last I heard, my editor is already on his way to NTUC FairPrice after seeing this article in draft.

But What If I Want To Recreate The Whole McMuffin?

A commenter pointed out that English muffins are about $10 for 4 buns, and they might as well just buy from McD’s.


Damn. Stop destroying my dreams lady.

The McNugget Man said he used to get English Muffins from Cold Storage, but couldn’t find them nowadays.

Another commenter suggested President’s Sharp Cheddar for the cheese.


And yet another suggested a simple recipe for English Muffins with a 1:1 ratio of yoghurt:self-raising flour.

A quick check on prices shows that 250g of yoghurt, which makes 4 muffins in the recipe, would cost about S$2 to S$2.50. Self-raising flour is 1 kg for S$2.75, so 250g is about S$0.70.

So, one muffin is about S$0.80. President cheddar is S$5.60 for 10 slices, and Bibik’s patty is S$10.80 for 22.

Which makes a homemade McMuffin… S$1.80-ish.


I was about to say I might as well just queue up for McDonald’s, but not bad.

Image: SayingImages

Mr McNugget Man, we’re still waiting for the Filet-O-Fish replacement.

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