McDonald’s Will Only Allow 2 Pax Dine-in For Everyone Regardless of Vaccination Status


When you think of McDonald’s, you’ll think of the times you’ve gathered with your loved ones, enjoying the sinful McCrispy as you laugh at your foolish past.

In some places, McDonald’s is the place where they can get the ‘Spiciest Burger Yet.’ Regardless of our differing opinion on that, we can all agree that McDonald’s is where families gather…until now.

McDonald’s Will Only Allow 2 Pax Dine-in For Everyone Regardless of Vaccination Status

From 19 July to 8 August, the family-friendly establishment will only allow 2 pax dine-in regardless of the vaccination status. This is implemented after Singapore bounced back to 2 pax dine-in after all the satay lovers were unveiled.

That was a decrease from the initial 5-pax dine-in restrictions. Although there were some exceptions for those that were fully vaccinated, McDonald’s is not taking any chances.

If you have a third friend that wants to dine with you, the option of a takeaway, drive-thru, and delivery orders are still available.

Now, whether it’s dine-in or takeaway, fast-food chains will still have ways to make you buy more. Watch this video to the end and you’ll understand:


Of course, you can’t just plant your third friend at a different table, and you communicate by shouting across the restaurant, or worst, you swapped places during communication. That would be considered intermingling, and intermingling between tables is not allowed.

So, come in pax of 2 or just get McDelivery but the real question is, why should you still dine-in at Mcdonald’s? Is there any good food there?

Well, there’s just one.

Rejuvenation of the Chicken McCrispy

If you enjoy McWings, you will enjoy the Chicken McCrispy for it is a larger version of the tiny wings and drumlets.

Quoted from a Goody Feed cat, the McCrispy has a spicy kick to it, a notion that McWings lovers would surely already be acclimatised with.

“It took a while, but there’s definitely spice in it,” he mentioned.

All in all, a very pleasant experience.

“It does feel quite jelak after you’re done with the whole thing though,” he whispered.

You can read that full review here.

The McCrispy comes in several iterations, including a six-piece bucket meal version and a two-piece extra value meal version. It is also available in selected McDonald’s restaurants and various delivery platforms.

Do take note, the Chicken McCrispy will not be available in the following six outlets: McDonald’s Shell Tampines, McDonald’s Shell Hougang, McDonald’s Shell Havelock, McDonald’s Clementi Avenue 3, McDonald’s Parklane and McDonald’s Tampines Kiosk.

Featured Image: Facebook (McDonald’s) ; Sorbis/

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