McDonald’s Brought Back Crispy Chicken Cutlet & Coconut Pie; Easier to Order Now

When the government announced that residents would have to stay at home and stay away from their friends for several weeks during the circuit breaker, many people were upset, but they accepted the fact that there was no other option.

Then McDonald’s and bubble tea stores closed within days of each other, and it felt like our hearts had been ripped from our chests and stomped on.

What are we supposed to eat and drink now? Healthy food and water? Unthinkable!

Thankfully, this period of torture lasted less than a month, as McDonald’s reopened on 11 May, and Singaporeans joyfully returned to their second home.

But if that wasn’t enough to make up for the month-long hiatus, maybe this will:

McDonald’s Bringing Back Crispy Chicken Cutlet

Sniff your dog, put on a mask, and fly out the door, because McDonald’s is bringing back their Crispy Chicken cutlet!

Image; Facebook (McDonald’s Singapore)

The fast-food joint announced the new menu item in a post on Facebook.

The tender chicken delight will be available for takeaway, drive-through, and McDelivery.

The 2pc Crispy Chicken costs S$6.20 a la carte, and S$8.10 as an extra value meal.

You can also get a 1pc Crispy Chicken for S$3.10, but eating just one piece and being satisfied with it is not humanly possible.

One bite of this crispy, juicy thigh meat and you’ll forget all about the circuit breaker.

Reader: Nothing will make me forget about the circuit breaker.

Well, what about a delectable dessert to go along with it?

Coconut Pie

In addition to their new meat item, McDonald’s is also bringing back their much-loved Coconut Pie!

Image: PopSugar

After gobbling down the mildly spicy chicken pieces like a cat eating sardines, this sweet coconut dessert will really hit the spot.

Image: Giphy

You can order the Coconut Pie as a side when you get the 2-pc Crispy Chicken Feast.

Alternatively, you can buy it a la carte online for $1.80.

Online Delivery Easier Now

Some of you hungry readers might have noticed that although McDonald’s has been open for over a week, there have been some issues with online orders.

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When some customers tried to order through GrabFood, it said that McDonald’s outlets were “temporarily closed”.

And when some tried to order through the McDelivery app, they were brought to a page that said: “Dear valued customers, the McDelivery app is currently unavailable as we are working on some upgrades”.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s Singapore)

Fortunately, the GrabFood issue seems to have been resolved in the last couple of days and customers can now order through the McDonald’s app.

Image: McDonald’s App

Also, my colleague who’s a McDonald’s fan has been trying to order McDonald’s daily via GrabFood, and during the first few days of the reopening, it was near impossible, but in the last three days, it felt like days before Circuit Breaker hit.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Crispy Chicken and Coconut Pie before McDonald’s closes again!

Reader: Don’t even joke about something like that, man.

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