McDonald’s Has A New Burger But No One Notices ‘Coz Everyone’s Angry About My Melody Holder

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means:

There’s just one day left to the precious weekends!

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Indeed, with Friday being the lone cockblocker left, it’s time to envisage the stuff you’re gonna do this weekend.

Pay a trip to Christmas Wonderland? Nah, too mainstream.

Hit up Sushi Express for some affordable, lip-smacking sushi? Hmm… tempting. But you just had sushi the other day.

Enjoy a movie date with your friends? There’s no good movie in sight though.

Surprisingly, despite the weekends hitting home, you have nothing to do.

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What a bumming way to end the workweek…

But wait a min

Because if you’re facing the exact dilemma as envisioned above, I’ve just the thing for you.

See, our old pal McDonald’s has been teasing a new burger for quite some time now (you would have noticed if you’re not too obsessed with some food holder)…

And honestly, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.

It’s obviously I C E, an acronym for Ice-cream Cheese Egg burger.

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Unfortunately, it seems that McDonald’s, upon latching onto my profound genius, decided to turn tail and incorporate another classic Burger Favourite into their menu instead. Introducing the all-traditional…


image: McDonald’s Facebook Page

Although of course, seeing how McDonald’s has a halal certificate and all, having bacon isn’t ever gonna be a distinct possibility. But hey, beef with lettuce and tomatoes doesn’t sound that bad too!

Listen to what McDonald’s has to say about its new spanking addition:

“A classic combo with a signature twist, McDonald’s® first-ever Angus BLT pairs a juicy 100% Angus beef patty sourced directly from Australia and New Zealand with crispy chicken bacon and cheddar cheese. Topped with crisp romaine lettuce, juicy tomatoes and sliced onions, savour the Angus BLT for a taste like never before.”

Image: Tenor

And it seems that the BLT isn’t the Big Lonely Tomato here, as McDonald’s has also brought back the Angus Mushroom Supreme for old times’ sake.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

“Back by popular demand, the Angus Mushroom Supreme is a delectable combination of 100% Angus beef, herb aioli, grilled mushrooms and caramelised onions that never fails to please,” McDonald’s raved.

And according to the big M, both burgers are available for a limited time only, while stocks last.


Mushrooms anyone?

And there’s more

Because honestly, what’s a burger without its side bitch and creampie? 😉 And it seems that this time around, the old Angus will be accompanied by familiar favourites:

Potato wedges and Choco Wonderland McFlurry.

image: McDonald’s Facebook Page

If you’ve tried McDonald’s potato wedges before, you would know they’re like a Samurai’s sword.

Crisp, sharp and erm… similarly-shaped.


McDonald’s: “Available from S$3.90 a la carte, the Potato Wedges (M) are golden and crispy on the outside and delectably fluffy and warm on the inside – a real treat that pairs well with any meal.”

And of course, the Choco Wonderland McFlurry isn’t gonna disappoint anyone too, with its generous blend of chocolate and your favourite vanilla extracts.

“End your meal with the Choco Wonderland McFlurry® available from S$3 a la carte. You simply won’t be able to resist this smooth, cool vanilla soft serve, drizzled with hot fudge sauce and topped with chocolate dips and Coco Pops! Available at all McDonald’s® outlets and via McDelivery®, the Choco Wonderland McFlurry® is up for grabs from 6 December, while stocks last.”

Do you see a pattern here, because I do;

While stocks last.


So really, I think it’s high time you get your spending groove on.

But it seems that Netizens aren’t satisfied

And I get where they’re coming from. Because see, why have an Angus BLT…

When you can just bring back the good ol’ Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese?

Image: McDonald’s Facebook Page
Image: McDonald’s Facebook Page
Image: McDonald’s Facebook Page

Although as it turns out, one might’ve gotten their wish.

Image: McDonald’s Facebook Page

Kinda anyway.

But hey, to be fair, if there’s no double quarter pounder insight…

A BLT ain’t that bad.

Although really, McDonald’s, if you ever see this article… please.


Bring back the goddamn double quarter pounder.

Image: Giphy

But hey, kudos on your Hershey’s collection. Because trust me when I say…

That shit is choco gold.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Anywayslylyly, while we’re on the topic of old flame, may I suggest that the McGriddles be brought back as well?

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