McDonald’s in JB is Now Selling Cendol Ice-Cream; Shut Up and Take My Money!

Guys, and girls, it’s time to forget about A&W’s root beer float for the time being, because we’ve just discovered something even cooler.

McDonald’s in Malaysia selling Cendol Soft Serve!

Image: Facebook (What’s Going On in Johor Bahru)

Yes, you heard that right. Chendol ice-cream! Now shut up and take my money.

McDonald’s Malaysia’s first local Malaysian flavoured ice-cream, this soft serve has driven Malaysians into a craze when it first appeared last year.

If you’re feeling sad about missing it, don’t be. Because it’s back again this year in conjunction with the Ramadan month!

Image: Instagram (whaiwy)

And you can choose to have it with vanilla, or just by itself! 

Selling at RM2 per cone, this sweet treat is delectable with the fragrance of gula melaka but isn’t too sweet as well!

Now for the best piece of news: this is available in Johor Bahru’s McDonald’s outlets as well!

Forget travelling all the way to Bukit Indah for the only A&W outlet in JB. It’s time to try out the Cendol soft-serve liao.

Okay, before you ask who invented cendol and get into a fight over it (we all know how Singaporeans and Malaysians fight over who created the dish), just know that it was invented by the Indonesians.

Oh, and remember above, I mentioned to forget about A&W for the time being? It’s because this might be a seasonal item on the menu and not stick around.

That and who the heck could ever forget the awesomeness of root beer float, right?!

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Feature Image: Facebook (What’s Going On in Johor Bahru) & Instagram (whaiwy)

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