McDonald’s Having Korean Sweet & Spicy Burger from 5 May


Starting from 5 May, McDonald’s is introducing an all-new and limited-time edition Jjang Jjang! Burger.

The new burger comes with two types of patties, either a crispy-battered chicken thigh or the classic quarter pounder beef, which is generously marinated with a unique blend of Korean sweet and spicy sauce and topped off with some lettuce and tomatoes.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

If McDonald’s advertising is to be trusted, the delicious combination of meat, sauce and vegetables sandwiched between the fluffy bun is guaranteed to make you go “ (Jjang)! Amazing!

To make things even sweeter, you can upgrade your normal drink to the citrusy Yuzu McFizz with $0.35, which is sure to quench your taste and soothe your tongue if the heat is a bit too much to handle. 

Or, you could just simply make a meal out of the Jjang! Jjang! Burger at $9.20.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Spice it Up Further with McDonald’s 2x Value Meal

When there are new burgers coming round the block, it’s always good for it to meet the local competition.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

With McDonald’s 2x Value Meal, you can get a McSpicy and Jjang Jjang! Burger together, complemented with two medium-sized french fries and two cokes with less sugar for $16.90.

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Take a bite of each to compare which one is better, or if your appetite allows for it, why not consume both in one sitting?

Having the sweet, spicy, salty, and fizzy together sounds like a sinful indulgence, but it’s always worth a try.

McDonald’s Jjang Jjang! Burger is available at all McDonald’s and via McDelivery, Grabfood and foodpanda after breakfast hours.

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More Amazing Deals on My McDonald’s App

Furthermore, there will be awesome deals on the My McDonald’s app after 9 May.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

There will be a 20% on the Jjang Jjang! Burger Chicken Special and 1-for-1 Chicken McCripsy Extra Value Meal deal.

For mobile orders, you may get exclusive deals such as 50% off Jjang Jjang! Burger, 1-for-1 Double McSpicy, and more.

All of these great deals are accessible with a swipe of your fingertip and a simple scan of the QR code at the ordering kiosk.

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Featured Image: McDonald’s Singapore