Prosperity Burger Review for 2020: Same Old Overrated Burger #FastFoodFriday

Some of you are going to cry when you read this article, but it’s nothing to do with what we’re reviewing (Prosperity Burger review). Rather, it’s what we’re not talking about that hurts.

The old has to go for the new to come in.

Spicy McNuggets are gone.


And in its place comes the Prosperity Burger.

McDonald’s Prosperity Burger & Feast Review

Image: Geek Culture

Is this worth the sacrifice?

Here’s what the Prosperity Beef Feast looks like in real life:

It’s not as photogenic, but it’s close enough to the promotional pics for me.

Prosperity Burger Review

Hell, I don’t even know why I’m reviewing this. Who hasn’t eaten the prosperity burger?

Take the long soft bun, put the patty in between, slap some sauce and throw some onions on it.

And I know I’m probably going to get flak for this considering that the Prosperity Burger has a bunch of fans, but this is the truth you guys need to hear:

The Prosperity Burger is overrated.

Problem 1: The Toppings

All it has is just a bunch of raw onions. Sure, the pungent and sharp taste of the allium and the crunch brings a contrast to the burger, but there’s a far better alternative that’s also more time consuming to make – caramelised onions that adds oomph to the taste.

You can say it’s up to personal taste, but a S$6 burger deserves far more than some onions. Add some lettuce. Maybe some cheese. A tomato. Onion ring. Or whatever.

I think it deserves more than just some raw chopped onions.

Problem 2: Sauce

It’s always the case of too much or too little sauce. Too much and it’s too peppery. Too little and we don’t taste anything. If the sauce ain’t done right, then all we’re doing is just some ground beef with buns. 

Which brings me to my next point…

Problem 3: There’s Really Nothing Special Or Chinese New Year-ish About It

There’s nothing prosperous about the burger. During CNY we expect to have an abundance of things. This burger has a lack of toppings.

What the heck does black pepper have to do with CNY anyway? Why not orange sauce? Bak Kwa flavour?

And as for the taste of the burger itself… it’s also nothing special about it.

Rating: 2/5

Twister Fries


Image: Imgflip

Mango Passion Fruit Pie

Alright, the filling doesn’t look as mango-packed as the promo images, but you guys got to try this.

It’s sweet, fruity and crunch of the pie crust ties it all together.

There are some small little white cubes which I suspect are nata de coco (someone correct me on this) mixed in, but it hardly impacts the overall taste and texture.

A dissatisfaction I have with this pie is that the mango and passionfruit flavours are not distinct enough. But then again, this pie is only S$1.50.

Rating: 3.5/5

Peach McFizz

The colour of the drink hides this pretty well, but the drink suffers a similar problem with almost anything fast food: just ain’t generous enough.

At the bottom is the peach syrup, which is then topped with a pretty standard sweet soda base, which tastes like 7-Up or Sprite.

Perhaps it’s just an underpaid employee mistake, but there just isn’t enough peach syrup when mixed to call this a peach flavoured drink. Most of what I taste is just sugar.

Unless you happen to get this in a set, I say give this a miss.

Rating: 2/5

Overall, I’d say the Prosperity Feast isn’t a worthy replacement for Spicy McNuggets. Give the burgers and McFizz a miss, go try the Mango Passion Fruit Pie.