McDonald’s Having New Salt & Pepper McCrispy from 30 June


If the fast-food restaurant menus in Singapore are getting a little too boring for your liking, here’s some good news for you.

From 30 June onwards, McDonald’s will be introducing a special menu item, which is a spin on Singaporeans’ beloved Chicken McCrispy.

Its name? The Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper.

And if you’re wondering what’s the difference between this new item and the original Chicken McCrispy, the Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper is seasoned with a mixture of salt, pepper and parsley flakes.

Just like all other special menu items, the Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper will only be available for a limited period of time, so don’t forget to get your share before it runs out!

Can be Bought in 2 or 6 Pieces, and in Meal Form Too

For now, the Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper will be available for sale in a variety of options.

The 2pc set will cost upwards of $6.60.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

For those who’re craving a little more sustenance than just two pieces of the chicken, you can also opt to get an Extra Value Meal with your Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper (from $8.60).

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Last but not least, the Chicken McCrispy Salt and Pepper will also be available for sale in a bucket of six (from $18.30).

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

Grapefruit McFizz and Banana Pie

And apart from that, McDonald’s will also be adding the Grapefruit McFizz (from $3.20) to their menu as a special item from 30 June onwards, so don’t miss out!

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

And if you’ve been frequenting McDonald’s recently, you’ll know that the fast-food chain is currently selling its well-beloved Banana Pie ($1.40), so don’t forget to grab yours before stocks run out as well!

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

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Chicken McCrispy Not Available at the Following Outlets

And if you’re already rushing to grab your wallet and head down to your nearest McDonald’s, here’s something else you need to know.

The Chicken McCrispy menu item will not be available at six of the McDonald’s outlets in Singapore.

The outlets are Shell Tampines, Shell Hougang, Shell Havelock, Clementi Avenue 3, Parklane and Tampines Kiosk.

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Featured Image: McDonald’s Singapore