Scammer Claimed to Have Bought Winning 4D Number for Victim & Insisted On Sending Prize Via Bank Transfer

I’m sure that most of us have seen our fair share of odd advertisements online in the past, but nothing might beat this particular advertisement that this retiree came across recently.

Lately, a man surnamed Hong shared with Shin Min Daily News that he received an advertisement with a “Fortune Master” claiming that he was able to buy winning lottery ticket numbers for those who wanted to engage his services.

Because we all know how easy it is to predict 4D winning numbers, right..?

He told Shin Min how the advertisement insisted that the numbers given by the “Master” would definitely be the winning number of the day, piquing his curiosity and prompting him to consult the services.

According to the photos that Mr Hong produced, the advertisement, which was posted on Facebook, included a caption that means, “If you want to ask for numbers to bet on, I’ll give you four. They’ll be the winning ones for sure.”

The advertisement, including its thumbnail, was posted in Chinese.

Mr Hong, 66, explained that he intended to donate the prize money if he really won money through the services.

Person Asked for Personal Particulars and Said that “Master” Bought Winning Ticket for Him

He then recalled that the person whom he contacted through the advertisement said that he was an assistant of sorts for the “Master”.

The person then asked Mr Hong for his personal particulars such as his Chinese name, date of birth and handphone number, and claimed that the “Master” would take care of the rest for him.

A few days later, the man called Mr Hong and said that the 4D number that the “Master” had bought with his own money for Mr Hong had won the third prize of the day, and that the prize money that he had won was worth $20,000.

Assistant Asked for Bank Account Information

The “follower” then asked Mr Hong to send him his bank account information in order for them to transfer the prize money to him.

Mr Hong then explained that he was uncomfortable with providing his bank account information, and requested to receive the prize money in cash from the other party instead.

However, the assistant kept trying to evade his request and insisted that transferring him the prize money via bank transfer would be safer.

After a series of exchanges, both parties were unable to come to a consensus.

Hence, Mr Hong decided to tell the assistant that he did not want the prize money anymore.

Assistant Asked Him to Return Money that “Master” Spent on 4D Ticket

To his surprise, the assistant insisted that Mr Hong pay the “Master” back for the money he used to purchase the 4D ticket.

Mr Hong then responded by telling him to deduct the money spent on the ticket from the price money instead.

Started Getting Suspicious When Combination Given by “Master” Wasn’t the Winning Number

On the other hand, Mr Hong also shared that the “Fortune Master” provided him with a series of numbers for him to buy 4D with.

He recalled how the “Master” assured him that 7732 would be a winning number combination for 4D that day.

Mr Hong followed his instructions and spent $30 to bet on the number combination personally.

However, the number combination ended up not being one of the winning numbers that night.

This caused Mr Hong to start being suspicious of the “Master”, as anyone would be by this point.

He then asked the other party to produce proof that the “Master” had indeed bet on the winning number on Mr Hong’s behalf.

In response, he received a photo of a yellowing ticket stub.

He then realised that the bet was placed with Thai Baht instead of Singapore Dollars, which confirmed his suspicions that he nearly got scammed by the “Master”.

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“Master” Evaded Question of Whether He is Scamming People or Not

Afterwards, Shin Min reporters tried to contact the assistant via text.

However, the assistant replied to the reporter’s messages by saying that the “Master” only helps individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties.

He even claimed that the “Master” comes from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and that the reporter is welcome to visit him personally if the reporter has any doubts regarding his identity.

When asked whether or not they were carrying out a scam, he only responded that only the person who engage with their services can determine whether or not they believe the “Master’s” words.

As for how the “Master” all the way in Chiang Mai is able to predict the winning lottery numbers in Singapore, the assistant said that the secret must not be revealed.

Shin Min reporters also attempted to contact the assistant by calling the number given via both phone and WhatsApp call, but were unable to get the assistant to pick up.

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Featured Image: Shin Min Daily News